Thursday, 22 May 2014

Make Your Bedroom A Healthier And More Peaceful Place To Sleep In 2014

Our bedrooms are often not given the credit they deserve in comparison to kitchens and bathrooms onto which we lavish thousands of pounds in the belief that they will somehow improve our lives.

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The bedroom is a vital part of our homes for keeping us healthy and happy. People who live in stuffy and cluttered rooms are probably not getting a good night’s sleep that they need so badly in order to face the next day.

If you are thinking of a bedroom makeover this year, you have come to the right place. Here are some top tips to make it  healthier and a more peaceful place to sleep.

Keep It Tidy

As mentioned earlier, the greatest enemy of relaxation is clutter and untidiness. By clearing away all of the things that build up in your bedroom over time, you will be clearing your mind too. Always remember ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’; as true today as when it was first thought up.

Making the decision to change your ways gives a good excuse for purchasing some new furniture for your room. Now, are you an eclectic type, or do you prefer a matching suite? That is entirely personal choice. One thing is for sure; you can never have enough wardrobes in the bedroom. That clutter has to go somewhere after all. Browse the pieces available at or another of the many online shops that are on view with the click of a mouse. The correct wardrobes for your room and your personality will often inspire the rest of the interior design scheme.

Clutter attracts dust that exacerbates chronic lung conditions such as asthma and piles of dirty clothes left for long periods will eventually harbour all manner of nasties that affect your health. Impetigo, for example, can be contracted from festering bacteria living in dirty washing.

Set The Mood

A relaxing room in the evening has subdued lighting, it is a place of shadows and mystery. A calm haven where you will relax and unwind to some gentle music or with a good book. Use coloured shades on the bedside lamps or drape them with material. Modern LED bulbs work at a low temperature, so covering the shades is far safer than it used to be. The mood of a room is easily altered by varying the lighting in it.

The Bed

How old is your bed? People often keep theirs for twenty years or more before deciding to replace it. There are some magnificent beds on the market today with memory foam mattresses that are more comfortable than any other type, in my opinion. If you have some spare cash, or a healthy credit source, invest wisely in the best bed you can afford. The bed is at the heart of the bedroom, so it is a great way to make a statement.


Don’t let your bedroom become encapsulated and stuffy. Fresh air is good for you when you are tucked up in bed, fast asleep. When you close the doors and windows  for the night, the air in the room soon becomes stale from your breath. That sometimes leads to morning headaches, so keep the window open, just a little, all through the year when you are sleeping. You may be surprised at how well you feel when you wake if there is fresh air in the room.

So those are my top tips for improving the quality of your bedroom. The furniture may be expensive, but everything else is down to changing the way you think and behave. Give it a try and change your life today.

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