Sunday, 18 May 2014

Secrets For Renovating Your Living Room Without Breaking The Bank

We would all love to have a perfect room where we can sit in comfort in the evenings or entertain guests without feeling awkward about the state of the surroundings.

The good news is that it is possible to improve any room without spending a fortune. The trick is in the targeting of that money. With a little effort and vision, even the lowliest amateur interior designer can do great things.

Photo source: jinkazamah

The biggest secret, however, is to include one quality feature and work around it with cheaper materials or items, just as they do in show homes. It is all smoke and mirrors, as they say.

The Walls

The walls aren’t exactly a feature; they are just there. If you choose to target these by having them skimmed over with a new topcoat, it gives a perfect backdrop for everything else in the room. Smooth walls are particularly advantageous when trying to create a futuristic setting. Once the walls are finished, painting them is easy. Perfect walls are a gift that keeps on giving every time you decorate in the future.

You can expect to pay about two hundred pounds to cover a small  room.

Feature Fire

Do you have a clapped out old fashioned gas fire in place? Most homes use central heating these days, so the fire is superfluous to your needs. There are glass fronted modern electric flame effect fires available that look stunning in the evenings. For under one hundred pounds, a beautiful fire with a backlight function is yours. They are easy to mount and do not require professional installation.

Use a qualified engineer to remove your old fire, or you will be breaking the law.


Don’t ignore the window coverings or it will spoil the whole scheme. There is a large range of blinds available as well as shutters that are very desirable. There are many companies selling online, and Infinity Window Coverings shutters are among the best when it comes to quality and cost. Shutters will last for decades, so target your money on them as a sound investment.


As is clearly demonstrated in the image; sometimes less is more. The perfect walls, [that you have already provided], and a few choice pieces of furniture work together to give the room a futuristic look. It should go without saying that there is no place for clutter in a modern setting.

Modern Floor Coverings

Rooms transform when a new floor covering is put down. Probably because it is so large and unmissable. Carpet is still the most popular choice, probably because designers have realised that the old patterns won’t cut it with the younger generation today. They have created futuristic designs that grace the most contemporary rooms.

Laminate flooring is becoming more popular, and if you buy a top quality product it will easily last for twenty years. Not many floor coverings are able to boast that.

Vinyl coverings are not very popular in living rooms, but they may suit yours perfectly, so do not rule them, or anything else, out.

Wherever you place your money in the room, buy quality items or materials. By doing so, you will ensure that the product is still good when it is time to redecorate. Every year, add another high quality item, and it will show. Living rooms are always evolving and are not suitable to decorate and forget, like other rooms. I hope this will help you make your own piece of heaven; it worked for me.

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