Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Wonderful Gift Ideas For Avid Collectors

Buying a gift for someone who is an avid collector sounds like the toughest brain teaser out there. The problem is, you just don’t know what they’ve already collected. But, have no fear, there are so many choices that you can discover after a bit of digging around online and hopefully bring something new to their collection.

But first, try to think like a collector. Is what you’ve found rare, unique and interesting, or is it just junk?

If you find something extremely niche or unusual, it helps to tuck an article about what you’ve found into the gift. Collectors love to know the history and origins of their discovery; it’s what drives them to keep it in their collection.

Here are a few awesome ideas:

Model Vehicles

Models of classic and futuristic cars, bikes and trucks are up there with the most popular items to collect. If the collector has an interest in the history of automobiles, be sure to check out the Atlas Editions Fairground Truck Collection. These beautifully crafted models are a perfect addition to that unused shelf in the office. It really gives a room that classic and interesting feel.

Autographed Sports Memorabilia

If they’re into their sports, signed footballs, baseballs and clothing is the way to go. The memory of that last minute winner in the FA Cup final will live long in their heart if they see a piece of history mounted on their wall. It’d be something on every sports fan’s wishlist.


Stamp collections have always been popular because they can tell a story. Some people have even collected stamps from countries and places that don’t exist anymore. Talk about rare! On top of that, you can purchase a beautiful and nifty scrapbook to keep them safe in.

Old Board Games

Many of the board games we used to play as kids have either had pieces lost, making them useless, or have been thrown away long ago. Memories of all the hours spent on those miserable, rainy days with the family are long forgotten. It could be a really heartwarming gift that hits the collector right in the nostalgia, bringing back those victorious times as a child.

CDs and Vinyls

Both are outdated now in the digital age, but why not hold on to a piece of revolutionary history. Vinyls are actually starting to come back into fashion, because of the wonderful, classic quality they produce. Not to mention, hunting for vinyls is an adventure. Your journey will lead you into some classic record shops and finding the exact one you’re looking for only adds to the meaning of the gift.

Video Games

A large portion of our childhood’s was devoted to losing ourselves in the wonderful world of gaming. Classic systems like the Super Nintendo and the Sega Saturn stopped manufacturing long ago, and you can’t walk into your local HMV or Game and find these products on sale.

Give them another childhood flashback and find out what they used to play as a child. You can still find the games online and in some selected game outlets!

Good luck, and happy hunting!

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