Thursday, 5 June 2014

How To Design Your Own Luxury Fitted Wardrobes

Bedroom storage is one of the most problematic issues in the home today. The things we gather around us that must be stashed away neatly and are vary in their shape and size. In a small house or apartment there may be no extra cupboards for storing spare duvets and pillows, both of which take up an incredible amount of room.

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If you are facing this problem, there are solutions out there that will make your life a little easier. By far the best storage solution in the bedroom is fitted wardrobes. You can build them to suit the size and shape of the room, or separate on end of the room entirely to create a cavernous wardrobe that provide ample storage for most people.

Let’s take a look at what features your wardrobe should include.

Space For Shoes

Ladies love collecting shoes and sometimes the collection outgrows the space available for storing them neatly. You can include some inventive features in your wardrobe to keep the shoes neat, tidy, and safe from damage. Do some research on the internet, and you will come across shoe racks that slide in and out like drawers, racks where shoes slip onto vertical posts, and shelving; all of which are very useful. These units are suitable to include into your own design.

Clothes Rails

Side to side rails are an inefficient use of space, but rails that are fitted from the front to the back make clothing difficult to access. Designers have solved this problem by inventing clothes rails that you draw out of the wardrobe to access the clothes hanging on them in a convenient way.


Drawers are a basic element, but an essential one. They do not need to be fancy since they will be out of sight; they are purely functional. Drawer dividers of every kind are available in shops so socks and neckties can be rolled and stored neatly.


I am only going to address construction briefly in this article because each wardrobe is different. The main skeleton is built by fixing boards to the wall to create the individual spaces for your storage solutions. All of the materials are available at a reputable timber merchant; look online for one near you. It is important to do a top quality job if you are building your own, but remember that it will all hide behind the wardrobe doors. When the internal skeleton of the room is complete, install all of the storage solutions that you have gathered previously. That is probably the most exciting time in the project because you can see how your plans are coming together.

Sliding wardrobe doors come in kit form, or you can buy the pieces individually. They consist of top and bottom rails to mount onto the wardrobe, and adjustable sliding doors. They are one of the easiest DIY tasks to take on, and they make an instant visual impact on the room.

When the project is complete, keep looking for cool, storage ideas, such as vacuum pack bags that are perfect for storing large items. Fitted wardrobes usually take about two weekends for an amateur to install; do you think you have what it takes?

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