Thursday, 7 August 2014

5 Beautifully Unique Home Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect home gift can be difficult. If someone you know has just moved into a new home, then you need to find a gift for them that's unique and personal to them. One of the main problems people have when they move into a new house is making it personal to them. New houses can lack character, so what your friends need is a gift that helps them to make their abode feel more like home.

There is a wide range of personal gifts from photographs to bookcases, so finding one to suit your friends should be no problem. Here are five

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home gift ideas to give you some inspiration.


1. Upcycled Furniture

No doubt your friends will already have furniture in their new home, but will it be unique? The chances are that in a rush to furnish their new home your friends will have bought uniform furniture. Furniture that matches looks good, but the home may be lacking in one statement piece. By giving your friends a piece of upcycled furniture, you are giving your friends a unique piece. The piece will draw a lot of attention in their home. To upcycle a piece take an old piece of furniture; you can pick one up from a second-hand shop. Paint, reupholster or varnish the piece to make it look new and original. Your friends will love that you put so much effort into their gift.

2. Monogrammed Ornaments

To add a personal touch to any gift you might want to consider getting it monogrammed with your friend's initials. Perfect home gift ideas include bags and towels. In a move many people forget the small things they will need for their home, such as shopping bags and towels for the bathroom. Buying these items for your friends will show them that you have thought about what their new homes need. To make these gifts more personal get custom monogrammed gifts from I Flew the Nest. Your friends will love that the gift you give them is so unique. Having their initials monogrammed onto the gifts will make them personal.

3. Personalised Mats

A doormat is the first thing people see when entering a home. If your friends are quite outgoing, then they will love a personalised doormat. You could get a mat that just says the family name or one that says something quirky and funny. You should pick a phrase that will suit your friends and their sense of humour. If they are quite straight people, then choose a simple "Welcome to our home." If they are more humorous than that, then pick something like "Welcome to the mad house." There are tons of different phrases you can choose.   

4. Framed Family Photos

There is one thing that everybody needs when they move into a new home, and that thing is pictures. By giving the gift of photographs, you are giving people a chance to decorate their home with that personal touch. Choose some old family photographs or maybe some photos of you and your friends and get them framed. You can be sure that this gift won't go to waste, as your friends will need new photos for their home, and framed photography is unique to them.

5. Unique Recipe Books

A fantastic idea for a new home gift is a recipe book. Of course, you can buy a normal recipe book from any standard bookshop. But why not make things a little different? Providing you're a decent cook, you can create your recipe book. Buy a good quality notebook and fill it with personal home-cooking recipes. Your friends will love that you have taken the time to make a recipe book for them, and they might even pick up some cooking tips from you.

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