Sunday, 31 August 2014

Design Tips from the 2014 Euro Cucina Kitchen Design Expo

The Euro Cucina international kitchen design exhibition is held in Milan every other year and it is here that European designers, manufacturers, traders and consumers come together to share their inspiring and innovative ideas for the kitchen designs of the future.

The event first ran in 1974 and has developed to attract traders and buyers alike from every country in Europe.

This year, the event attracted its biggest audience yet with more than 311,000 people attending over five days, all of which took away with them a number of key tips for incorporating the hottest kitchen trends into their homes.

Despite variations in style and design, five key trends emerged from this year’s exhibition:

1. Mixed Materials

The kitchen is ultimately a functional space but by mixing materials, it can quickly become a warm, tactile and creative room to spend time in.

Key elements included blends of marble, glass, wood, ceramic and matte or high-gloss surfaces which were finished with smooth lines and gently curved contours that altogether, combined to create a cosy yet sophisticated look that is both eclectic and stylish.

2. Technology

Kitchen technologies are advancing rapidly. User-friendly, simple touch controls allow cooks to broaden their repertoire with appliances that offer an extensive range of cooking, chilling and easy clean options.

However these essential kitchen elements are now being complemented with space saving, single-touch, automated counter-tops, mini bars and extractor fans which all appear from hidden areas embedded in deceptively standard looking cabinets and workspaces.

They contribute to an uber-modern feel that doesn’t compromise the finish of even the most traditionally styled kitchens.

3. Open Plan Living

With space being a premium in most homes, German, Bauhaus influenced designs were evident from a number of exhibitors who showcased open plan styles that allow a kitchen to feel spacious.

The most exciting and memorable kitchens on display incorporated cleverly hidden storage for everything from utensils to hobs within seamless, handle-less units which, with fingergrip and push-touch design elements, helped to create an overall clean and open aesthetic that is both attractive and practical.

4. Ambient Lighting

Lighting has been a popular kitchen trend for some years and shows no signs of waning; clever lighting was a feature of almost every single kitchen on show.

With the right lighting, the feel of a kitchen can be enhanced to create any ambience.

Whether homeowners seek a cool, contemporary feel or a warm and cosy one, a carefully thought out combination of task and accent lighting can help to achieve it and it’s now a key component of the design and planning process.

5. Outside/Inside

In the UK, the popularity of cooking shows is inspiring homeowners to invest in gadgets which can help them to experiment and expand their cooking skills.

A desire to really cook and work with ingredients was reflected at the Euro Cucina exhibition with many exhibitors including herb beds, counter-sunk compost units and a general plants and greenery which helped to make each kitchen feel closer to its founding purpose – to cook great food.

To find out more about modern kitchen styles and how they can be incorporated into your home, contact the UK’s design, installation and appliance specialists at LWK Kitchens.

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