Monday, 18 August 2014

Four Tips for Choosing the Right Color for your Carpet

Looking at square carpet swatches from the showroom can be an overwhelming task. The amount of choice buyers have nowadays can leave anyone floored. From fibre types to quality, purpose to price, the list goes on. And then there’s the daunting task of color selection. Probably the most imperative decision you’ll make. You can purchase the most premium and quality carpet, but if the color choice is wrong for the room or home, this can spell disaster. A costly disaster. So before you make that important investment, what are some factors to consider when choosing the right color for your carpet? Read on and find out.

A Carpet Color that Suits your Lifestyle

Are you building your first home or doing major renovations in the house? If you answered a nervous – or excited – yes, to this question, then one of the first factors to consider is lifestyle. For example, let’s say you have a small family with a hairy, indoor pet. Although you might like a white carpet for its clean and contemporary appeal, it can also be more difficult to maintain. Especially when the potential for stains, dirt and other grime is exceedingly high.

Think about Space and Light

It’s a simple rule: If you base your color decision on the space and natural/ mechanic light in the room, chances are, you’ll get it right. Cool colors that make you think of winter like light blues and greens, and warm colors that make you think of summer like oranges and reds can completely change the ambience of a space. Top Tip: If you want something suited for all seasons, select earthy tones such as greys, browns or beiges. Not only will this create a calming space, it can also increase the value of your home/ space if you decide to sell.

What about the Furniture and Fittings?

While looking for the right color, think about the types of furniture and fittings that will be in this room. Are you carpeting an office space and require a pure tone? Perhaps you’re carpeting a dining room and want something quite luxurious with a touch of detail to complement your collection? One thing is for certain. You need to create an effective balance. For bold pieces of furniture like vintage cabinets or leather seats, accompany this by using neutral colors that doesn’t distract or offset your furniture and fittings. For more styling and carpeting guides, visit Stainmaster.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Taking Time and Samples

Once you’ve decided the fibre type and purpose of this carpet, it’s time to look at the colors they have on offer. Top Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask the salesperson for a sample of the carpet or a small strip. Most salespeople are more than willing to provide you with off-cuts of the carpet to place on your floor. If you have three or more selections, place these on different sections of the space and take your time to reflect on each one and how they look in the room. Sometimes the carpet color you weren’t certain about stands out in the space after careful observation.

Do you think you’re ready to decide on your carpet color? If you already have, how did you find the experience? Feel free to comment below.

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