Thursday, 7 August 2014

Simple DIY Jobs That Can Help Your House To Sell Fast

Sometimes little thing mean a lot, and that applies to your home when you come to sell it. There are some who can’t understand why their home spends months or even years on the market, when it has no structural problems, and it is in a decent area. Maybe it is their familiarity with the property that is the problem. They can’t see the faults and problems that turn potential buyers away. Indeed, it is a safe bet to assume that some of them drove off instead of coming in, to view your home.

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If you find yourself in that position, it is lucky you stumbled upon this article. Here are some simple DIY jobs that can help your house sell fast.

Curb Appeal

You must make the property look good from the road. If you fail to do that, your viewers will enter with a feeling of negativity and you won’t get a sale. Here are a few things for you to think about.

  • Tidy the garden. It doesn’t take a professional to cut and edge the grass so that it is neat. Turn the soil over in the borders to bury any weeds and make it look fresh. Use a hedge trimmer or shears to clip the hedges and bushes if necessary, and dispose of the clippings. Nothing looks worse than a pile of garden waste that is left to rot.

  • If the garden path is of ugly flagstones that are uneven and broken, replace them. You could build the path out of bricks or new natural stone slabs. Whatever material you use, it is bound to make it look better than it does now. You should also clean the driveway with a pressure washer. The pressure of the water is enough to blast the dirt and the weeds away quickly.

  • The front door must look welcoming. If the paint is peeling and the wood is rotten, think about hanging a new door. You can pick one up for under thirty pounds in your local store, and it is a simple DIY job to hang it. Give it a new coat of paint to make it shine and put some new handles and letterbox on it. Hopefully, your visitors will now have a positive view of your home when you put it up for sale at an estate agents in Hucknall, Carlton, or anywhere else.

Internal Improvements

If the cabinet doors in your kitchen are out of alignment, it will make the room look odd. Armed with a screwdriver, it is easy to adjust the hinges. It is one little job that anybody can do if they take their time and work on one door at a time.

The sealant around the bath is an area that often lets the home down. Don’t try to clean the black spots off it, replace it instead.

Paint every room to freshen it up. You might not realise how dull the walls are, but viewers will see it immediately. It will only take a couple of weeks to paint the whole house with a roller and will cost a couple of hundred pounds for a three bedroom semi-detached home. it is money well spent.

As you can see, the improvements are minor but have a dramatic effect. be wise and start work today; they will be queueing up to buy your home soon!

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