Friday, 15 August 2014

The Secrets To Redecorating Your Bedroom With Style

It might come as a surprise to hear that the bedroom, in my opinion, is the most-important room in the house. You might think that it is the bathroom or kitchen that serves us best, but they are functional rooms that have little impact on our psyche. Imagine if you will, three nights without much sleep. It could drive you to insanity. If the bathroom is out of bounds, we could wash in the kitchen. If the kitchen were out of bounds, we could buy takeaway food. I Think you get the picture.

It is vital that you decorate your bedroom to make it attractive and welcoming. The decor will affect you ability to sleep, even in the dark. Here are the secrets to do in style.

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Keep Your Feet Warm

Unlike the minimalist room in the image, your bedroom should have high-quality carpet on which to tread. The last thing you need in the night or early morning is to put your feet down on a cold surface when you step out of bed.

The Walls

Try to keep the walls clutter free. That means you should not cover the room with busy wallpaper. Thankfully, interior design moved on from flowery wallpaper and oppressive curtains. We now understand that sometimes, less is more.

You must choose a shade that you appreciate. A neutral shade such as cream or beige will not make a small room look even smaller. They are also not shocking to your eyes when you first open them on a bright summer’s morning. On the other hand, rich dark shades will introduce an ambiance of danger and romance in an exciting space. Any shade will work well as a canvas for shadows cast by the lights.

Lighting Techniques

Lighting can set the mood in the room, and you must get it right in this setting. of course, you must have bedside lights to read with at night, but you can use table lamps elsewhere in the room too. Try placing them alongside the dressing table or in the corner of the room. You get the best shadows from light sources that are close to the floor. Make sure that the main light source for the room is dimmable. Modern LED fittings usually have that capability, but it is best to check before you buy.

Window Treatments

We mentioned earlier about the way curtains can affect the room. Make the most of your window by fitting blinds instead. Look for different styles and installation instructions in a blinds shop online if you are unsure. There is a product for most settings whether it be venetian, roller or pleated blinds.


You can help your room to be a serene haven by removing all of the clutter from it. Use sliding wardrobes or under bed storage if necessary. Nothing should interfere with the beauty of the decor. Treat your space as if it were a work of art that you must display at its best.

Do you feel ready to decorate your bedroom now that you know what to include in the design? The result will depend on the quality of the fittings and materials you use, so buy the best you can afford. Look upon it as an investment in yourself.

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