Sunday, 12 October 2014

Christmas Already? Amazing Gifts to Give This Year

Christmas seems to come round quickly, every year. One minute you are seeing the New Year in, the next you are putting up the Christmas tree. It seems that life goes past in the blink of an eye. Even worse, you need to start planning what you are going to give people as a Christmas gift. Planning and executing Christmas gifts is often done with military precision. This is especially true of people with larger families. You don’t want to give socks, bath bombs and a whole host of other gifts. Let’s face it, they are humdrum.

Christmas gifts should be exciting. At the least, they should be thoughtful. So, if you are in a Christmas gift-giving quandary this year, you need not look any further. Prepare to be inspired.

For Mum

Mom's, god love them, are the worst people to buy for during the festive period. Even if you ask them what they want, they, usually, respond with something along the lines of ‘nothing, a nice card will do’. Let’s face it; you are going to get them a gift anyway. Instead of getting mum perfume or chocolate, get her something she can enjoy. A night away at a spa is a great gift for mum. She is sure to love the relaxing therapies and treatments on offer. After all, she’s spent most of her life looking after everyone else. It’s time to let her have some ‘me time’.

For Dad

Dads are notoriously difficult to buy for. But, they are not impossible. Gadgets are brilliant gifts to bestow to your father. IPads, tablets and Kindles are great gifts. He can watch films, play with apps or surf the net. Whatever your dad likes to do in his free time, he is sure to love doing it with an iPad in tow. It will certainly keep him quiet and out of your mum’s hair this year.

For the Other Half

Buying your beloved a great gift is easy. Get them something personal to you. Buy a star and name it after a special place or a first holiday. Compile a scrapbook of significant memories. Take it back to the old school and make them a mixtape, or playlist, of your favourite songs. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your other half. Make sure that you get them something meaningful and emotional. They will love the personal, and thoughtful, touch.

For the Kids

What do you buy for kids that have everything? Well, a great place to start is with imaginative toys. Remote control cars, dinosaurs and dolls are perfect for the mini people in your life. This year's top toys have been announced, and they are sure to please both adults and kids. Disney Frozen Elsa dolls are topping the polls, alongside Guardians of the Galaxy action figures. Loom bands have taken the playground by storm, and they are now coming out with more play sets so that kids can make their own jewellery. A firm favourite is the Lego Minecraft set. This is sure to keep everyone busy over the festive months.

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