Sunday, 19 October 2014

Food, The Ultimate Christmas Present

Christmas is the best time of the year. No arguments. It just is. It’s the best because family comes together. Presents are exchanged. Smiles and hugs are shared. There’s a Christmas tree, Santa, snow, dark nights, crisp weather. And best of all, more food than you know what to do with.

I don’t know what they do to food at Christmas time, but it always tastes better. And the magical ingredients appear that only ever come out at Christmas - mulled wine, cranberries and cinnamon [cinnamon on everything!].

So if you’re stuck for presents this year, your safest option is food. Maybe you don’t know what films or books your sister is into. Maybe you can’t remember what perfume your mum likes or just haven’t got a clue what to get your dad. You can bet they all love food.

If you’re a wizard in the kitchen, a baked gift is one of nicest things you can do for a loved one. Remember, a hand-made gift will melt the heart of whoever you give it to. It’s about the best gift you can give [unless you get them a trip to Paris. A trip to Paris is always better].

Even if you’re not so hot with the baking, there are plenty of food gifts that will delight your family. Here are some of the best:

Mulled Cranberry and Apple Jelly

Every single word of that sounds delicious. Smear it all over warm toast or serve it up with the Christmas dinner. Either way, this festive preserve will tickle your family’s taste-buds. Here’s the recipe you need to delight your friends.

Snowball Cookies

For a little bit of fun on Christmas Day, these round balls of cookie dough will delight the kids [or the big kid inside you].


I didn’t just make this word up, I promise. They are a Dutch creation of pure happiness. It belongs in the waffle family but looks more like a biscuit. Two thin layers of waffle biscuit enclose a layer of caramel. And, here’s the best bit, if you sit it on top of a cup of tea or coffee for a few minutes, the caramel begins to melt and go gooey. Bliss.

A Hamper

Christmas hampers take care of all your problems. They look beautiful and they’re packed full of delicious goodies and wine. You can have them made up to suit your family member or friend. Maybe they’re a chocolate fiend or a wine lover. You can tailor it exactly to them with all their favourites.

Wine, Chocolate, Nuts

Photo credit: Poppet With a Camera

Any little goodies like this are an instant win. You can’t go wrong with some wine or chocolate. Whoever receives this gift will devour it on Christmas Day or save it for later. Whichever they decide, it will always cheer them up.

Here are some more gift ideas specifically for your Mum, Dad, your other half and your kids. But if you’re still stuck, take my advice - food is the way to happiness.

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