Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Definitive Guide To Home Security - Essential Reading

Nobody wants to be a victim of crime and yet most people only do something about it after they have suffered a break-in or other traumatic event. There are precautions we can take to secure our family and property. Some of them are high-tech solutions and others are quick and easy to apply.

We are going to explore the options available to you today. Some of them take only minutes to install, so there is no excuse for ignoring the subject. Here is the definitive guide to home security; an essential guide that you must read.

Use A Door Chain

People who are out to rob you or cause you harm will use many guises to gain entry into your home. A door chain costs little and takes only minutes to install, yet they are an effective deterrent to anybody who want to force entry. Installing it is one thing, but you must remember to use it. Remind the members of your family every time they open the door without using the chain. Soon enough, they will start to use it out of habit.

Replace The Locks

Pay a visit to your local locksmiths and ask them for advice. They will be able to advise you about the best door and window locks for your property. You might discover that the units you use at the moment are substandard and easy to break or pick. They are easy to replace as a DIY job.

Burglar Alarm

Of someone got into your house when you were all asleep or when you are out, the sound of a burglar alarm will send them running for the door. Indeed, the presence of an alarm will deter them in the first place. I advise you not to take the cheap option and install only the bell box. Experienced burglars are familiar with that idea and will look for internal detectors through the windows. It is easy to spot if there is no alarm.


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Now that closed circuit television is available at a low price, we can all take advantage of it. The internet allows us to see the video when we are away from home too. They afford a peace of mind that no other system can equal. The digital recording systems mean that we no longer have to buy discs or tapes; the system saves everything onto a hard drive. Position cameras around the outside of the house so that you have a clear view of anybody who stands at the doors or windows. There are legal implications if the cameras can see some property belonging to your neighbours, so direct them accordingly.

General Security Measures

When you are happy that the building is secure, take precautions in the garden. Begin with a tall fence and sturdy gates. If the intruders can’t see what is in the backyard, they are unlikely to jump over the boundary. Fix high-quality locks to the shed or other outbuildings to protect your gardening tools. Expensive lawn mowers are a valuable commodity to thieves. There are also battery operated alarms available for those situations. If they gain access to your shed, they won’t hang around for long when the alarm goes off.

Most people go through life without suffering from a burglary, so don’t lose any sleep over it. If you have taken these sensible precautions, you should try not to worry. The chances are that your neighbours aren’t as security-minded as you and the present a softer target. That is all you can hope to achieve at the end of the day.

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