Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Unique Presents for Your House Proud Friend

We’ve all got that one house proud friend who just can’t stop cleaning, rearranging, and changing their house. When it’s time to get them a gift, it’s a no brainer: something unique for their home, of course! Here’s some inspiration for you to consider:

A Cool Photoframe

A cool photoframe will make an impact when displayed on the wall. You could even do one better, and fill it with photographs you like from their Instagram and Facebook page. You can find photo frames that look like various frames stuck together, and these look very unique.

A Rustic Notice Board

Rustic notice boards are perfect for keeping track of the things you need to do. Why not get them a chalkboard in a pretty frame? You could even build your own version of this if you’re feeling creative! There’s nothing like having a shabby chic feel in the home.

Unique Drawer Knobs

Do you know your friend has an old cabinet or chest of drawers that they’d like to spruce up? Rex International, for example, do a selection of unique drawer knobs that should make all the difference. You could even offer to DIY their furniture for them if you’re good at that kind of thing, to save them time and hassle!

A New Clock

If you see a nice new clock, this could be perfect for the kitchen, living room, or hall way of your friend’s home. You can never have too many nice clocks in the home. Some people like to display multiple clocks on the wall, giving an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ effect.

A Piece of Art

Art work on the wall always brightens up a room and adds an element of interest. If your friend has a bare wall, why not treat them to something like this? It could be something you’ve gone out and chosen specially, or something you’ve painted yourself! It doesn’t have to be expensive either. You can find lots of quality pieces of art in discount shops.


Sofas need plenty of cushions to make them comfortable and great looking. A selection of different cushions will add another element of interest to a room, and in some cases can give the sofa a whole new look. Special cushions can be expensive too, so this should be an appreciated gift. Go for cushions with sequins, fluff, and other textures to mix it up. Find more ideas on living room design here.

Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen accessories, such as sugar, tea and coffee containers can look great. Whether you like the look of block colour accessories or patterned, this is definitely a unique gift.

A Vase

A vase, maybe complete with flowers, will add life to any room. Flowers brighten up the home, and a unique vase will create a nice focal point. Make sure that even without flowers, the vase stands out.

Any house proud person will love a gift like this. Do you have any suggestions you’d like to add? Feel free to comment. Thanks for reading!

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