Thursday, 27 November 2014

How To Keep Your Home Safe From Intruders

Your home is your sanctuary, it is the place that you are most comfortable and feel most safe. Filled with all your cherished belongings and memories, your home is your most intimate and private place. It is somewhere you may only chose to share with a select few friends and family members.

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The way you feel about your home, and how it makes you feel safe and comfortable can change in an instant. Unfortunately, many people experience the horror of having an intruder break into their house. The fact that someone uninvited has been into your home, can change your whole perspective of it.  It can make you feel constantly on edge and uncomfortable spending time alone there.

To help you keep your home and belongings safe and prevent break-ins, have a read of our essential tips below.

Keep doors and windows locked

If you are going out, no matter how long for, ensure that all doors and windows are locked. Although you may think that your bathroom window is too small to fit a person through, you can never be too careful. Your home is your private place, so if shutting an extra window can help keep it safe, then it most definitely worthwhile to do so.

Add extra locks to doors

Today, most doors and windows come with high quality locks. However, there is no reason not to add an extra lock or bolt to your door. Most intruders enter your home through an unlocked window or by picking the lock of your door. If you have an extra bolt or door chain in place, even if the lock is successful picked, there would be little chance of an intruder being able to gain entry.

Invest in extra security measures

If an intruder does manage to break into your house, it is good to know that you have taken all the precautions to keep your belongings safe. There are various different gadgets and systems that can help you to protect your belongings.

A Kingston Lock is an excellent tool for protecting your laptop. It is a low cost security chain that can be plugged into your computer’s USB port and the lead then wrap around a radiator or other immovable object. It cannot be taken out of your computers USB port without the key and if ripped out will render the laptop useless.

If you television was expensive and could be a target for intruders, it would be more than worthwhile investing in a secure, locking system that would keep it safe. For a secure television enclosure that has strengthened, shatter resistant glass, consider trying

Consider getting a security alarm

Although security alarms all do the same job, there are many different types to choose from. The system that you choose will depend on the size of your home, your security needs and your budget. To ensure that you alarm continues to work properly, you can pay for yearly maintenance checks, as well as fault insurance.

Although you may think it is unlikely that your home will fall victim to intruders, it is always best to go that extra mile and protect yourself and your belongings.

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