Friday, 5 December 2014

Tips on How to Make Your Kitchen Come Alive This Christmas

Planning a huge Christmas meal can be something of a stressful endeavour. If you are having all the family over, it can be tough to know how to make your kitchen look perfect. After all, you want them to have a great time; you want them to enjoy the food. But, you also want your kitchen to look like a magical Christmas hub.

Now is the time to make sure that you are preparing for Christmas. You can make your kitchen come alive with these fabulous tips.

Prepare Your Menus

Feeding the 5000, or at least your family, means that you need to start preparing your menus. What do your family like to eat? What is the best way of making sure that everyone likes what you have lovingly cooked up this Christmas? You need to prepare a Christmas menu. Focus on starters, mains and desserts. You can add canapés and drinks should your family like that. Make sure that you communicate your Christmas efforts. Think about allergies and fussy eaters. It may be advisable to offer options at Christmas. Do send out your menus early, so that you can shop in advance.
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Think About Centrepieces

Centrepieces can make or break a Christmas table. You want something that screams ‘festive cheer’ but you also want a centrepiece that ties in with the interior design of your kitchen. Head to Pinterest for inspiration. Make sure that you are thinking about what you want your Christmas meal to represent. Togetherness, family or Christmas cheer. These are all great themes to focus on. So, you can go traditional with gold pieces. You can even opt for fresh flowers, such as poinsettia to ensure that your Christmas table is the embodiment of Christmas.

Is Your Oven Fit For Purpose?

Before you start cooking in earnest and realising that your oven is not going to withstand constant use, you need to do a test run. Ovens and hobs from Cameo Kitchens can ensure that your oven does not suffer from a malfunction on Christmas day. After all, you need to check that your oven is capable of cooking for a wide range of people. If you don’t think that it is going to perform as you want it to, book a service. This will ensure that you are getting the most from your oven.

The Importance of Music

Music is a great way to make your Christmas kitchen come alive. You need to make sure that you have background music on Christmas day. You can play old-time Christmas carols or something more upbeat. This adds to the party atmosphere and can ensure that your Christmas day goes with a hitch. Ensuring that you are making Christmas special means thinking outside of the box. Background music adds to the overall mood. So, choose your music wisely.


Adding some, key personal decorations are the best way to make your kitchen come alive. Ensure that you have personal mementos dotted around. This will give your kitchen a great festive feel this year.

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