Friday, 9 January 2015

Ideas To Make Your Living Room Minimalist

If you are thinking about a new look for your living room, or maybe just thinking about making some subtle changes, there are lots of options. For some, the light in the room is the most important factor, while for others the color palettes are key. This season we are seeing a move away from the kitsch and cozy in favor of a clean but colorful minimalism. If you are ready to ditch the lush fabrics and take the hard line look at your living room, then read on.

Soft fabrics and cozy corners work really well in dens and other informal spaces within your home. This year, trends for our entertaining spaces are moving back toward clean lines. The difference this time is that strong colors and textures are key. Take a look around your room, and see if there is anything you can declutter. The little personal touches look great when there are only three or four in the room for this look.

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For the windows, how you dress them can be hugely impactful for your desired look. Many of us have removed the windows altogether, opting for sliding doors onto a deck or patio. These glass doors can still be utilized to help bring the look of your room together. Try some blinds for sliding doors to bring a bold color into the room. They will provide the privacy you need, and help shade you from the sun if they are south facing.

Try glass light fittings in cubes or globes. These simple shapes help bring the minimalist look together and maximize the light from your ceiling. If you have ceiling lights, think about installing one or two color change bulbs to enhance the mood of the room. The more expensive systems can be controlled from your phone. They can also be dimmed to your taste. While these may not be great for reading or working under, to entertain or relax in this room will be enjoyable.

The angle of the light into the room can change throughout the year. You can use hanging glass ornaments to refract the light and create patterns on the walls and floors. Alternatively, try a horizontal venetian blind to create great lines of light and shade. To maximize your space in a room, blinds make the room feel more open and spacious. In the evening, use solar or electric lights in the garden or patio area to create a warm glow in front of your window. This is particularly nice if you don’t need privacy in the evening.

Soft furnishings like cushions and throws definitely have their place in a minimalist setting. They add bold colors and textures or patterns into an otherwise lifeless room. They don’t need to be sparse either, just not over done. Keep colors in matching pairs if using more than one shade. Try to mix up the woods you use in the room too. Choose two which complement each other, but provide enough contrast to feel vibrant.

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