Thursday, 26 February 2015

Save Electricity with These Smart Energy-saving Alterations

We all need to use electricity to live our daily lives, from washing our clothes to lighting the house up at night. But we can still be conscious of how and how much we use the energy that we have access to. We don't have to use as much electricity as we possibly can, when there are ways we can cut back and save. If you're worried you might be using too much power, you should perform an audit of your home to find out where you can cut back. It doesn't have to be a professional inspection; you can walk around the house, thinking about your daily routine, and take note of the things you can change.

Photo source: Nick Page

Energy-efficient Lighting and Appliances

You no longer have to buy light bulbs and appliances that suck up as much electricity as they possibly can. You can look for items that aim to conserve energy when they're plugged in, whether or not you're currently using them. One option for lighting that's becoming more popular is LED lights. LEDs are cost-effective because they last a long time, and they're more energy efficient. They're also not like the energy-saving bulbs of old, which would take an age to light up and provide a dim light. They shine brightly and react quickly. You can also look for appliances that have an Energy Star rating, so you know that they're efficient.

Renewable Energy

Some families are choosing to create their own renewable energy. Not everyone can do it, but those that are able to can replace some of their fossil-fuel electricity use with a friendlier alternative. One option is solar panels, which are excellent if you can place them in a position to receive a lot of sunlight. You might also be able to use a wind turbine or hydroelectricity if your home is on land that receives a lot of wind or has water running through it.

Building a Green Home

If you want to go even further than setting up an electricity supply, you can move into a green home. You can either make plans to build one yourself, or you can look for one for sale. Many older houses aren't very energy-efficient, so building a new one from scratch can be a better solution. You can look for residential electrician companies who will wire the house for you, and make sure that your home is constructed around green living.

Energy Monitors

Unfortunately, a brand new green home isn't attainable for most of us. Watching our energy consumption is a much more realistic solution. You can set up an energy monitoring system, so you can see when and why you're using too much. These monitors will help you identify ways to cut back and think of green alternatives.

We don't have to accept what we're given when it comes to electricity in our homes. We can change the way our electrical items use the supply, we can change the supply and we can also alter our behavior.

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