Friday, 13 February 2015

Simple and Easy Ways to Make Your Garden a Vintage Affair

The vintage trend is hot right now. But, how can you make your garden the epitome of all things vintage and twee? There are some great ways that you can transform your garden from lacklustre to a thing of beauty.

When it comes to making your garden a vintage inspired area, there are some key trends that you can implement. After all, a garden should be far from boring. It should be an extension of your tastes and likes.

Let’s take a look at some simple yet easy ways that you can make your garden a vintage affair.

You Cannot Go Wrong With Wood

Wooden signs and plaques have been doing the rounds for a few years now. Adding signs to your garden shed and hearts around your decking can add instant vintage style to your garden. Do make sure that you purchase treated wooden ornaments for your garden. Adding bright, colourful wooden planters is a great way to unleash the vintage trend. Of course, if you want to remain on trend opt for pastel tones. Lemons, sugary pinks and lilacs can brighten up an otherwise all green space. Add easy to grow flowers like pansies for an elegant, simplistic touch. Pansies are very resilient. So, you don’t have to be a master gardener to know how to tend to these plants.

It’s All in the Smaller Details

Smaller, finer details are a must for any vintage garden. Look at ways that you can add texture and life to your garden. A stone sundial can enhance the look of your garden. But, ornate bird feeders can look positively darling. Add lanterns and waterproof paper balls from your trees. Try to hang in them at various lengths for a chic look.

Illuminate Your Garden with Lighting

Lighting is essential for any garden. Why not add outdoor wall lights to make your garden an illuminated space? Wall sconces are so retro and can be a cute feature to any stunning, vintage inspired garden area.
Photo source: EME

Go Nuts for Bunting

Bunting is a must in any vintage theme garden. Fabric bunting in florals, polka dots and stripes is a welcome addition during the summer. Be sure to have complimenting colours to your accessories. So, if your planters are lilac, opt for lilac bunting. These can look very sweet when strewn between trees or from the shed to the fence. Try not to be too uniform with bunting. The more it swags, the better it looks.

Inspirational Furniture Design

Wrought iron, pastel-painted wood, and Parisian style dining sets can set off the overall tone of your garden. What’s more, they are inexpensive to buy. Some of the more contemporary pieces of furniture, like rattan, can be costly. But, wrought iron is a chic yet cheap way to make your garden a vintage place. Adding loveseats and separate benches can create a great look. After all, you don’t have to stick to the same old four-seater dining set. Adding seating areas around your garden can look fabulous. Play around with furniture and see what you like best.

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