Thursday, 26 February 2015

Surprising Ways To Make Sure That Your New Home Is 'Green'

When you view houses, you probably already have a checklist of things you need to consider. Well, there is another thing that you need to add to your list. As a homeowner, you have a duty to the planet. The property you buy needs to be energy efficient. Most people have no idea where to begin when it comes to seeing whether a home is 'green.' If you find the entire topic confusing, read this list of surprising ways to make sure your new house is eco-friendly.

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Ask about energy saving features

When you view the property, you need to ask whether it has an extra energy saving features. Some modern homes have things, like solar panels. These things make them better for the environment than standard houses. As people are beginning to care about the environment, developers now include these features. There is no harm in asking your realtor about this issue when you view the house itself.

Look at the previous energy bills

Few people know that they have rights before they buy a house. You have every right to look at the previous energy bills from the house. When you see those statements, you can decide whether the house is a viable option for you. If you find that the bills are super high, it is safe to assume that the property has a low level of energy efficiency. You don't want to waste your money buying a house that is inefficient.

Make sure you get the right sized house

There is a trend of people buying houses that are far too large for their needs. You should ensure that you get a house that suits your needs. For example, if you have two children, you could consider new townhomes in Surrey, BC. If you are a single person, though, you probably don't need anything larger than an apartment or a condo. Don't make the mistake of buying a massive house when you don't need one. It will cost you a fortune to heat a home that is too big for your needs.

Check out the boiler system

If the boiler has a low energy rating, it will waste loads of energy. You can ask to see the boiler system when you view a house. You should make sure that you see the system yourself so that you know whether it is high quality or not. You can also ask to see the paperwork so that you know whether the system is legitimate or not. Getting a new boiler is expensive, and so it is best for you to get a house with a new system in it.

Ask whether there is insulation

Another question you should ask your realtor is whether there is insulation. You might find that the previous owners decided to insulate the walls and loft. If they have insulated the home before now, it means that it is one less job for you to think about when you move into your new home. It is crucial that you insulate your home if you want to save energy on a monthly basis. If you don't have proper insulation, you will lose loads of heat through your walls and roof. That means that you will have to spend extra cash on your gas and electricity bills each month.

Getting a 'green' home is an excellent idea for two reasons. The first reason is that it will help to save the planet. As you know, there is a massive issue at the moment with global warming and the general deterioration of the earth's resources. The second reason is that you will also save money, which is an enormous bonus. Check out any properties you view so that you know they are eco-friendly!

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