Saturday, 7 March 2015

Can't Sleep? Turn Your Bedroom into a Peaceful Sanctuary.

Quality sleep is vital for our health, both physically and mentally. And one of the things that can help us get a better sleep is feeling relaxed and at home in our bedrooms. Everyone knows the struggle of trying to sleep in a room that's not their own when they stay in a hotel or at someone else's house. But we sleep better in a familiar bedroom, with calming surroundings. If you're struggling to feel at home even in your own room, you need to give it a makeover. Try some of these steps to turn your bedroom into a tranquil sanctuary that you love spending time in.

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Remove Your Desk

If you have a desk in your room, it might be better to move it to another part of the house. Sometimes it can help if you avoid doing anything too strenuous in your bedroom, so you can view it as a place of peace and quiet. If you try not to do anything too stressful just meters away from where you sleep, you could find that you find it much easier to relax when it's time to go to bed.

Change the Lighting

The wrong lighting can make your room seem much too chaotic. If it's too bright, you might not get the relaxing feeling that you're after. One idea is to install a dimmer switch so that you can adjust the lighting to your desired level. In the evenings, you can have low light as you get ready for bed.

Spotlight on Your Bed

Comfort and touch are all part of how you experience your room too. If your bed is uncomfortable, you're unlikely to be getting any quality sleep. You should make sure you buy a mattress that's right for you from a reputable retailer like Factory Beds Direct. A mattress that supports you in all the right places will help you to sleep much better. You should also keep your bed made during the day, to reduce the clutter and untidiness in the room.

Try Some Soothing Noises

Some people hate the silence of an empty room or perhaps need to block out background noise. If you require something to help you relax and drop off to sleep, some calming sounds might help. Many people prefer to use a simple white noise machine, which will produce a crackling, hissing noise to block out background sounds. But you could also try sounds from the seaside or forest, whale songs or just your favorite relaxing music.

Get Rid of Distractions

If having a desk in your room might be bad for your sleep, there are other things that could put you off too. Try taking away the TV, and even the radio to help you avoid them before you go to sleep. You might also choose to cut back on the artwork on the walls and try to keep a neutral room without too many bright colors.

Not everyone can have a multi-functional bedroom where they can do all manner of activities. If you struggle to sleep, ditch the clutter and turn your room into a quiet sanctuary.

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