Monday, 16 March 2015

Home Disasters: What To Do When Your Freezer Breaks

We all have to deal with our fair share of home disasters now and then. In honesty, problems happen when you least expect them to do so. That means that you might not have prepared yourself to deal with the issue when something goes wrong. You probably have loads of home appliances in your house. What happens when one of them breaks? One of the worst things that can break down is your freezer, and it can be a real pain when it happens. Here is what you need to do to solve the issues as fast as you can.

Deal with any flooding or damage

If the freezer broke overnight or you were out when it happened, you might find that there is some flooding in your kitchen area. If you have wooden flooring, this could be a massive problem. Laminate floors tend to expand when they have water damage, whereas wood floor absorbs the water and rots over time. You should do everything you can to sort the problem out right away. You can use dry towels to soak up the water. You should also make sure that the room gets loads of air so that the floor can dry out.

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Throw out (or use) any food right away

If you have food in the freezer, it will ruin. You either need to use the food products as soon as possible or you need to throw them out. You can't re-freeze things once they have defrosted, or you will find that you become ill when you eat them. It does seem a massive waste, yes, but there are no two ways about it. If there are things you can use today, cook them. Everything else has to go in the trash right away.

Check your insurance policy

Next, let's deal with the cause of the problem. What happened to make it break? Some old model freezers tend to shut down over time because their internal system is out of date. You should check with your contents insurer to see whether you can exchange your freezer unit. Sometimes, insurance policies cover accidental damage. It is rare that they will cover breakages when there is no obvious cause. You can call them up and talk to them about what happened. They might be able to help you with a claim.

See whether you can repair the unit

If you want to try to repair the unit yourself, you will need some guidance along the way. You can look at your manual and see what it says about repairs so that you know where to start. If you have a particular brand of device, you can check a specialist website. For example, if you can get information about Kenmore repair at Make sure that you know what you are doing before you get to work. If you are unsure about any aspect of the project, it is best to call an expert to handle things for you.  

Dispose of your freezer safely

If there is no way to repair your unit, you need to get rid of it. Few people realize that you need to take care when you dispose of freezers. The elements in the unit are toxic and will not decompose like other things would. That means that you can't just take the unit to the skip and hope for the best. Instead, you will need to call the local authority and arrange for them to pick up the unit itself.

I hope that this advice helps you when you next have an issue with your kitchen appliances. Come back soon for some great tips and tricks!

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