Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Elegant Simplicity of Urban Treehouses

When you think of treehouses, you immediately visualize children playing in a makeshift small, wooden treehouse constructed by dad. The last image that would come to mind is an elegant treehouse that can compete with the most luxurious of homes. Welcome to the newest trend in architecture: the deluxe urban treehouse. Crazy as it sounds, these gorgeous architectural treehouse homes are built for adults and have all the comforts of a home or hotel while being surrounded by untouched nature.

Laid-back Living

The most significant benefit to today’s urban treehouses? Being away from it all while staying close to the city – if not within. Urban treehouses are placed in natural locations where they can be surrounded by the beauty of nature. However, most of them are located a brisk walk or drive away from the city. In some cases, they are placed even within the city itself while still attempting to instill a beautiful and quiet environment. Some architects even claim that urban treehouses will become the homes of the future!

Sleeping in Luxury

Treehouses don’t traditionally have an entire bedroom, but urban treehouses for adults… well, they have the most luxurious of bedrooms and bed sets. Worthy of the most expensive hotels, urban treehouses are more like elegant hotel suites.

This stunning urban treehouse in Berlin was decorated by Urbanara, using their most classic bed linen collections to create a look of welcoming comfort. Who can resist a bedding set that looks so inviting? Using a warm color palette of white Karakol bed linens, grey pillowcases, and dark turquoise Teba bedspreads, combined with the backdrop of gorgeous natural greenery, they have created a restful haven away from it all.

Creative Architecture

Other amazing urban treehouse designs include this stunning architectural masterpiece by Luciano Pia. By integrating a tree house design to an existing building, it has not only become an awe-worthy art piece, but it also holds over 150 trees, absorbing thousands of liters of carbon dioxide per hour.

This beautiful urban treehouse in Atlanta, Georgia is meant to look like it came straight from a fairy tale. Located in a wooden lot in Atlanta and very much within the city’s neighborhoods, it’s connected by footbridges and can even be booked on AirBnB. Talk about luxury that feels a world away!

Elegance Defined

It may seem like an anti-thesis: nature vs elegance, but urban treehouses like that of Suite.030 in Berlin have managed to create this epic combination. With the help of creative interior designers, these treehouses have become a home away from home. Through beautiful wall patterns, big windows that allow light in and great quality homeware, there are few that wouldn’t love to spend their days and evenings in these restful escapes from noise and the rush of city routine.

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