Thursday, 19 March 2015

Top lighting trends of 2015

As the world continues to evolve, so does home décor and the ever-changing decorating trends we try to keep up with. One thing that can sometimes go unnoticed is the amount of lighting options we have available to us and must consider. Lights aren’t usually at the top of our lists and are easily forgotten amidst all the excitement of decorating and revamping a new room in our home, but it’s only just struck that we have such a variety of lights to choose from for all types of purposes, as you will see from the range that Lampcommerce has to offer.

Lighting options work well in complimenting the trends in your home, such as accessories and furniture. They complete the way a room looks with the different brightness’s setting the mood and tone, and can even make a small room seen a lot bigger than it actually is!

Here are some of the most common lighting options and trends found in homes.

LED lights

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After reading a bit more into lighting options, LED’s are the biggest trend going right now. LED lights can often be associated with nightclubs and parties because of their bright, fluorescent nature as seen on disco balls for example, but they are also an efficient lighting option to have at home. Their small size enables flexibility to put in most rooms and hidden corners and they are long lasting, meaning you won’t be needing to spend money on new bulbs and having to keep on changing them all the time. The good thing about LED’s are that there are so many different types, with lots of different colours - the options are endless! They can be individualised and set to different colours and brightness’s depending on the time of day and the type of lighting you need.


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Dimmers are another example of a type of lighting that can be set depending on your mood or time of day. Dimmer lights have been around longer than LED’s, therefore are more typically seen in homes. The brightness of dimmers can easily be controlled by the modern use of a remote control, or done manually from the light switch. Dimmers are one of those things that no matter how much the world is evolving will never go out of trend!

Floor lamps

The floor lamp is another one of the most common lighting options found in homes and can serve many different purposes, as well as being versatile and easily moved around the house. Floor lamps are a great option because they can offer beautiful sources of light, which will enhance rooms and compliment its décor, without taking up any space on your coffee table or dressing table. They can almost be hidden, placed behind the sofa or occupy an empty corner of the room. The best part of owning a floor lamp is that you don’t even have to buy it for a source of light. They are brilliant for adding the perfect touch to a room and can act as the missing piece to a puzzle – or in this case, the extra little detail your bedroom was lacking!

Pendant light

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This year has seen an increased surge and demand for pendant lighting in homes. With many unique designs on offer, a lot of the contemporary styles that are hot on the market now have been inspired from past lighting ideas, such as the bowl and drum pendants. Another pendant light that’s in-trend right now is the multi-light pendant. This light is very popular in 2015 with interior designers particularly.


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Arguable these are one of the most expensive lighting options, but chandeliers are still in very high demand. Found a lot in older, Victorian style houses, the more contemporary chandelier is no longer just found in the dining room. In fact, they are beginning to surface to the bedroom, living room and even the kitchen! The size of a chandelier has also changed in more present times. A popular trend is mini-chandeliers, which fit perfectly in apartments, studios and small offices. Then we have the more classic chandeliers, big, bright and beautiful! Although these are the more traditional types, there is still a strong demand in bringing back the old-styles.

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