Monday, 20 April 2015

Find a Reliable Builder the Easy Way!

Finding a reliable builder can be hard work! I know I’m not the only one who has struggled to find somebody who I can trust with important jobs around our home. Some builders want to bleed you dry of as much money as they can. Many will cut corners and charge extortionate prices. Some will even lie to you about more work to be done so you pay out even more cash! Finding a reliable builder is so important if you want quality work at a reasonable price. Here’s how to do it:

Ask for Recommendations

Start by asking people you know and trust whether they have any recommendations for you. Chances are that they’ve used a builder at one time or another, so they may have a great recommendation. Take a look at the work the builder did if you want proof that they’re the one for you!

Read Reviews

You may be able to read some reviews on building forums or something similar. Recommendations in your area shouldn’t be too difficult to find, but you do need to do extra checks to ensure that these are legitimate. Don’t just hire somebody based on reviews, do a little more groundwork first.

Check Local Builder Associations

There will more than likely be a local builder association in your area. These associations will only associate themselves with reliable builders, so you can usually find somebody who will work hard for you on there.

Ask for References

When you think you’ve found your builder, you might want to ask for references. References should be able to tell you what sort of work the builder did for you, how reliable they were, whether they’re still using the work, etc.
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Have a Consultation

In a consultation, the builder will be able to tell you what they can do for you, in what sort of timeframe, and other essential information. You’ll also get a good idea of whether you want them to do the work for you or not. If the job will be a long one, you need to like them as a person, not just as a general contractor - why else would you want them working on your home? Ask lots of questions so you’re not kept in the dark about anything.

Get a Quote

Ask the builder for a quote and compare with other quotes you have obtained elsewhere. It isn’t about getting the cheapest deal here, but the best value for money. If the builder won’t give you a quote, it could be a bad sign. They might encourage you to spend more than you need or say you need more work doing.

Double Check they Have Insurance

If a builder is working on your home, they need to have insurance. They need to insure themselves, and you need to be protected from anything that could go wrong too. If they’re not insured, they could be more trouble than they’re worth!

With these simple steps you’ll soon have a wonderful, reliable builder!

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