Thursday, 21 May 2015

How To Make The Perfect Bedroom Guaranteed To Give You A Good Night Of Sleep

We all know there are lots of beauty benefits to getting a good night of sleep. But too few of us still don’t realise the full dangers of not getting enough sleep each night. Sleep helps our cells regenerate, and our digestive systems cleanse the toxins in our body. Sleep is relaxing too which is why our faces look more healthy first thing in the morning before the stresses of the day kick in. Not getting enough sleep doesn’t just prevent relaxation of the muscles and cell regeneration. It has a significant impact on our mind too.

Without adequate deep or REM sleep, your memories of the day cannot be filed away in your mind correctly. This can lead to confusion and forgetfulness after just one night of poor sleep. In addition to an all day weary feeling, your brain also suffers tiredness. Lack of sleep can cause slow reactions and a lack of focus in your day to day tasks. If you are a driver, poor sleep can quickly become very dangerous.

There are several ways you can help ensure a good night of sleep. If you regularly toss and turn in the night, now is the time to buy a new bed. Only complete relaxation helps your mind move to the deep REM sleep you need to feel fully refreshed each morning. You can find many good bed stores online, but don’t be tempted to buy budget. Good sleep is so important it's essential you find a high-quality bed to sleep in.

You might be looking for a touch of luxury in the bedroom. Or you may just want somewhere quiet to rest your weary head. The way you decorate this room will have an effect on your ability to drift off to sleep effectively. Choose calming colors, and ditch the TV, so you are not distracted from your task of sleeping. Keep the room cool and dark, and do your best to make it as quiet as possible during your sleeping hours.

Sleep hygiene is the new buzzword for describing a strict bedtime routine. The stricter, the better! Doing the same things at the same time every night is key to letting your mind and body know it’s time to drift off to sleep. Routine things include:

● having a bath,
●● brushing your teeth,
●●● moisturizing your hands,
●●● reading a chapter of your book,
●●● having a cuddle with your other half.

It doesn’t necessarily matter what you do for your routine so long as it's done in the same way each night. You will then find it much easier to fall quickly asleep.

Photo source: Flickr

There are many things that may interrupt your sleep that can’t be helped. You may have kids that get up in the night, or you may have irregular shift patterns at work. Dieting can also interrupt good sleep, so try to avoid extreme diets or excessive exercise too close to bedtime. Instead, enjoy a good brisk walk each day, and eat a hearty meal about three to four hours before bed. Sweet dreams!

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