Thursday, 21 May 2015

How to Pack Up Your Possessions Before Moving House

You might be tempted to put off the packing, and that’s understandable. Packing up everything you own into cardboard boxes can seem like an enormous task. But, don’t worry, this guide will make things a bit easier for you.

Start With the Things You Won’t Need

Packing is the kind of thing you can’t afford to leave to the last minute. You need to be thinking about it well in advance. Start by packing up all the things that you don’t use regularly and won’t miss in the time between packing and moving. These things are non-essentials, and it’s always best to get them out of the way before anything else. You should work room by room and pack away all the stuff that you see as non-essential.

When you’re doing, you might want to have a clear out of your possessions. Moving allows you to look at what you own and ask yourself whether you really need all that stuff that’s crammed into your home. Not all non-essentials are necessarily junk, but, let’s face it, all of it is. Take all the stuff you don’t want anymore and sell it at a yard sale or donate it to a charity shop.

●● Plan and Organize Everything

You need to take a very precise and careful approach to packing up your home. Packing your non-essentials is the easy bit, the harder work comes when it’s time to pack up the rest of the house. But before you start packing, you should decide on the packing method you're going to use and make a clear plan of action. You need a method that will allow you to unpack everything as easily as possible when you arrive at your new home.

This might sound a little daunting, but it doesn’t need to be as difficult or complicated as you might initially think. You just need a simple system that allows you to know what is in each box with as little fuss as possible. Some people like to use colored stickers that correspond to a list they write. This is a quick way of being able to see what is in each box.

●●● Get Your Possessions Transported

Once all the packing is done, you need to think about how you’re going to transport all your boxes to your destination. How you go about doing this will depend on where you’re moving too. If the distance is relatively short, you just need to find some reputable movers who’ll transport your possessions safely and swiftly.

If you’re moving to a different country though, it might be a little more complicated. You could send your items by sea and plan it so that your items will arrive at the destination at the same time as you. You could send your non-essentials in advance if there’s someone at the other end who can receive the boxes for you.

Photo source: wikimedia

Moving is never an easy time. Packing and moving your possessions is the hardest part of it all too, so make sure you follow this guide.

Have a fantastic day!

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