Monday, 1 June 2015

5 Useful Tips For A Better Looking Kitchen!

For a lot of us, we can spend hours in the kitchen every day. Either we just love making food or we have a family demanding it. We probably spend more time in the kitchen than any other room. So why not make it look as nice as possible? You may not have been blessed with a massive open kitchen. But there are steps you can take to make it look as nice as you want it.

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● Flooring/Tiles
Every kitchen needs the appropriate flooring. Not only to look good, but for practical reasons too. Seeing as a lot of spills are likely to occur, no kitchen should have carpet. It’s the hardest to clean, and you’d have to clean it often. Likewise, authentic wood flooring can be easy to sweep up, but harder to clean properly. The best bet for a kitchen is some form of tiling. You can sweep crumbs off tiles as well as wash it with ease. Everyone likes a different style, so have a browse here for some inspiration.

The fridge/freezer gets a standalone mention. Probably the biggest thing in your kitchen, it certainly stands out. It’s also one of the most useful things in your house. You need a good fridge to store your food and keep it fresh. Modern fridges can also look nice and set the whole tone of your kitchen.

●●● Cabinets
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The surrounding feature of most kitchens. Where would we store all our kitchen stuff without these? Cabinets don’t have to be boring just because they’re storage. Applying a new/different finish to your cabinet can give a brand new feel. Have a look at some top cabinet makers techniques to help transform yours.

●●● Kitchen Clutter
Following on from cabinets, kitchen clutter can ruin a nice kitchen. Don’t buy loads of pots and pans that you don’t need. I can guarantee most of us have that one cabinet filled with them. We don’t need so many different sizes, yet we always buy them! By having less unnecessary junk, it frees up cabinet space for other things. You can now put your panini maker or smoothie machine away when not using it. This way you will have less stuff cluttering up your kitchen work surface!

●●● Kitchen sink

Photo source: Kgorz

Your kitchen sink can easily let your kitchen down. Many of them are ugly looking or get uglier over time. This is due to a lack of maintenance. We forget to clean our sinks because we clean everything else in them. A lot of sinks are metal, so you need to use the right cleaning equipment to keep them shiny.
To take your kitchen that extra mile, you may want to consider a theme. Some people like having a modern kitchen, others like something a bit different. Something like a ‘rustic kitchen’ can be a nice change up and create a warming atmosphere. Of course, it’s all down to personal preference!

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