Monday, 8 June 2015

Cheap And Effective Ways Of Cooling Your Home

Keeping cool is difficult, especially if you live in hot climates. There is no getting away from the heat and humidity and most people just try and not let it affect them. It always has an effect because hot weather can be stifling and incredibly uncomfortable. Instead of accepting defeat, try these tricks and techniques for cooling your home.

They are cheap and low-tech, but most of all they are effective, and that is what you need.  Check these out:

● Plant A Tree

It all starts by not letting the heat into the house. Once the heat has entered your home, you are always going to find it difficult to get it out. The most effective way is to plant a tree. A great, big tree is perfect for cooling houses because of the shade they create. During the summer when they are at their most luxurious, their huge branches and leaves cover house completely and act as a natural coolant. Even better, in the autumn and winter they shed their leaves and let the sun in when there is some!

It sounds like a bit of a myth, but the effectiveness of trees to cool houses has never been in doubt. There are as sophisticated and effective as any new age device that you will come across.

●● Grow Vines

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Okay, planting a tree may take a while to have an effect. Plants that grow rapidly, however, are vines, and they have the same effect. Vines can completely cover the sides of your home that get the most sunlight and absorb the heat, instead of the building.

So, they grow quickly, have an immediate effect and hardly cost a penny. But, you won’t find too many salesmen out there trying to peddle them. They focus on the ‘cutting edge’ technology, but sometimes the basic methods are the best!

●●● Buy An Air Conditioner

Air conditioners get a bad press because they seem expensive. Some of them are, but there are great quality ones out there that are affordable.

They are not as cheap as trees or vines, but they are the only option you have once heat enters your home. They blast out cool air and ventilate it throughout the house, so it reaches every corner. Plus, they are also energy efficient as long as you choose the right one.

Air conditioning installation is a vital part of cooling any home, but it can also be cheap.

●●●● Paint Your Property

Painting your property is basic physics. Certain colours absorb heat, and others reflect heat. Obviously, during the summer you want to paint your house a colour that reflects the heat and, therefore, cools it down. So, instead of a nice black try a white or a beige colour.  The temperature of the building will lower dramatically and will cool your home much more effectively.

You don’t need the latest gadgets and technology to cool your home because you can do it for the cost of a tin of paint. It is that easy and that effective.

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