Monday, 1 June 2015

Choosing a Practical But Beautiful Kitchen Floor

Kitchen floors are one of the most difficult in your home to tackle. Like the bathroom, the floor in the kitchen needs to be practical. But often when it comes to practicality, especially when combined with affordability, it means that appearance goes out the window. You shouldn't have to give up the idea of a beautiful kitchen floor because you need it to be suitable for cooking and eating around. However, there's no need to, as you can have a practical kitchen floor that stick looks fantastic. In fact, if you're willing to spend a bit more, an attractive and durable floor is easy to obtain.

● Stone Floors
Natural stone floors can be some of the most durable, although they don't often come cheap. But in a high-traffic area like the kitchen, you don't want any surfaces that will wear down quickly. There are many different stones you can choose from. They include granite, sandstone, marble and porcelain. You're unlikely to find an inexpensive stone floor, but there are options for different price ranges. You can choose from many beautiful designs too; there's no need to have a plain floor. However, treating your floor with a sealant is essential. It will help you avoid stains, scratches and other blemishes.

Photo source: Boa-Franc

●● Hardwoods
A lot of people will have hardwood floors in the rest of the house but decide against it in the kitchen. People often worry that they wouldn't withstand spills, heat or lots of activity. However, if you can invest in a quality wooden floor for your kitchen, you can use it without worrying. If you use a timber expert like, they can tell you how best to maintain your floor. Usually, you need to wax or seal it every few years to keep it in good condition.

●●● Polished Concrete
If you want a floor that looks great, is cheap and is extremely low maintenance, polished concrete could be perfect for you. It's excellent for fixing uneven flooring, and it's highly durable too. So it can withstand the high traffic that the kitchen receives. The polished surface turns it from a dull grey area to a sophisticated floor that helps to reflect the light in the room. It doesn't take a lot of looking after either, so it could be the perfect solution for a family kitchen.

●●●● Replica Materials
If these options sound a bit too expensive, many people prefer to get the look without paying the high price. You can find a range of materials that mimic the appearance of more natural options, from stones to woods. For example, you could get replica porcelain tiles, which look like the real deal but are much more hard-wearing and easy to maintain. You can still install a beautiful floor with a stunning design, but you don't need to shell out the cash for the real thing.

You don't have to put up with ugly vinyl flooring in your kitchen or, worse, impractical carpets. Explore the different options available to install a floor you love to look at.

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