Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Four Easy Ways To Improve Your Home

Improvements to your home can be expensive. They can be tedious and tiring. Do they have to be? No, of course not. There are lots of ways to improve your home without breaking the bank or your back. Some will not even require a lot of work, and other can be a whole world of fun. You can even improve your family's lifestyle with these easy solutions.

Photo source: Pixabay

● Change Your Water Supply
Have you read the news lately? It turns out that water is bad for your health. Water contains fluoride that is a chemical commonly found in brands of toothpaste. However, it is also extremely toxic and has been related to low IQ scores in children. How do you change your water supply? Well, you could consider hiring a water filter and filling it with bottled water. This is quite expensive, so another option is just to buy supplies of bottled water. Another option is to install a filtered water tap in your kitchen. It will only cost you once, and you can ensure your family has clean, chemical free water to drink. You can find out more about this option online.

●● Repaint Your Rooms
We know that people do not generally look at their houses rooms and think, perfect. Instead, we are all thinking of changes we can make in our head whether moving furniture or buying new technology. But there is a cheaper more fun way. You can redecorate. Choose the colours you want and set to work. Obviously, if you are thinking about resale anytime soon, we do not advise anything too drastic. But ultimately it is your decision. If you want a bright fluorescent purple room or, more likely, your daughter does, than why not? You only live once after all.

●●● Change Your Energy Plan
In most cases, the future's bright. Yet one factor we still need to fix is the world's energy consumption. So why not start doing your part now? Switch to those energy saving lightbulbs now. They do take a little while longer to light fully but just think, you are helping the planet. Get a recycling plan in order and get rid of that that junk in the garage and attic. You may even find you can sell some of your old things on Ebay and make some money to put towards your home improvement. You could also think about switching from gas power to electricity. It is more expensive but it is also more efficient and you will have a greener home.

●●●● Fix the Garden
What do your neighbours see more than anything? Your garden. If you have eyes giving your front yard constant disapproving looks then here is how to fix it. First, mow the lawn as neatly as you can. A properly mowed lawn goes a long way to making your home look stylish and tidy. Second, trim any overhanging trees or hedges. Third, repaint any fences or sheds and repair anything that is broken. Finally, look for something unique to add to the ensemble like a porch swing. Do these things and you will have a garden to be admired.

These are changes to your home that will not cost a fortune. We hope you enjoy how new and fresh your house now feels.  Happy Tuesday everyone!

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