Monday, 15 June 2015

How to Take Your Kitchen Diner to the Next Level

If you have a kitchen diner but don’t feel that it’s as good as it could be, here’s how you can take it to the next level!

● Add a Breakfast Bar

There’s no better way to complete your kitchen diner than to add a breakfast bar in the middle of it. It’s a way of fully and seamlessly joining the dining room with the kitchen. It acts as the centre of the room, and the rest of the room can be decorated around it. It also acts as a hub for the family.

It’s an especially good idea if you have young children. While you’re busy in the kitchen making breakfast, they can sit at the breakfast bar and be within reach and sight for you. If you want the best possible finish, have it made with a marble top and keep it relatively simple. It just needs to sit the family comfortably and look great!

Photo source: elaineishere

●● Replace Your Wooden Cabinets

Bare wood just doesn’t look good in the kitchen anymore. It’s had its day, and it used to be fashionable, but know it just looks very out of date. If you still have them in your kitchen, you should think about replacing them or at least painting over them. If they haven’t been updated for a decade anyway, it’s probably a good idea to replace them.

Colour is important in the kitchen these days. A pale colour scheme is fine, just don’t go for a bare wood option. Don’t go for anything more extravagant either though. If you do, you’ll probably end up regretting it pretty quickly and then you’ll have to spend money on another update.

●●● Restock the Cupboards

Having a great kitchen diner isn’t all about the fixtures and fittings though. What’s kept inside them is just as important, and, in some ways, it’s even more important. Your kitchen shouldn’t be there for decoration, it should be in use on a daily basis. And you can only use it if you have good-quality equipment.

A lot of us stick with the same tired old kitchen equipment for all our lives. This is not a good idea though. Not only do these old items become more difficult to use as they get older, but they also start to look outdated. So, update them as soon as possible. You could buy a new Arthur Price cutlery set, a more up to date toaster and a range of new utensils.

●●●● Get the Lighting Right

Lighting is one of the key features to get right in the kitchen. And, to be perfectly honest, a lot of people don’t get it right. You want every corner of the room to be lit adequately while not overpowering the room with huge light fixtures. It’s not easy, but it need to be done.

The best way to do this is take down the central light you have in the room if you don’t feel like it’s giving you the amount of light you need. Instead, you should use multiple smaller spotlights, especially you have a large kitchen diner space to light.

These tips will make an average room into a great one!

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