Monday, 8 June 2015

Leaving Your Dream Home? How To Soften The Blow

Owning your own home is wonderful if you love having a space you can tailor to your own tastes. You may spend quite a lot of money on your house each year. Renovations, remodeling and redecorating can be expensive but it means you can create your dream home. You may have tastefully chosen furniture to create the style you want and love. So what happens when things change, and you have to leave your dream home?

Our homes are like a little nest we snuggle down into, adding your own personal touches to make it really homely. When something happens that means we have to move, it can be very upsetting to have to leave that house. You may have to move because of your work, or you may have to move to support family members. Packing everything up and saying goodbye to all that hard work is horrible. To soften the blow, try to find the positives in moving:

It gives you a fresh start - You can recreate what you had a new place, and perhaps make it even better. You will have learned from any mistakes you made in the last house so you can refine your approach to perfection.

Meet new people - Moving to a new neighborhood means you get to meet lots of new people. This community may be even better for you the last one. Some houses and apartments are like military apartments, and are set in great communities. You could find excellent facilities like gyms and convenience stores nearby. There are often plenty of activities to get involved with too.

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Find new furniture stores - If you are moving away from your old town, you are likely to find lots of new and interesting stores. Some of them may become your new favorites for furnishings and decor.

Better outside space - Sometimes our homes lack any outdoor space to sit and enjoy a family barbecue. It’s only when we move house and find something with a bigger yard or garden that we realize what we were missing back in the old house!

Get a pet - You might not have been able to have a pet at your old home. Now may be the perfect time to find your furry companion, if the landlord is willing! You may be situated near a dog walking park so you can enjoy meeting other dog owners too.

Better transport links - Some properties are very tricky to get to the highway or use public transport. Your new place might have excellent links into the city. And you may even be close enough to work that you can walk or cycle - perfect for improving your quality of life.

Cheaper - This new house may cost less to run, and cost less in rent or mortgage payments than your last place too. Think about all the remodeling you can do with that extra cash!

Moving house is an upheaval, and it does represent the end of an era. This can be upsetting, but it can also be an exciting adventure for you - the next chapter in your life! Have a happy home.

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