Friday, 26 June 2015

Note to Self on Organizing My Closet

I have a closet full of clothes [overflowing with pieces, to be exact] and I am pretty sure that I’ll be buying some more especially during my four-week Philippine vacation in July.  So a week ago, I’ve decided to declutter and start sorting them… what to keep in the closet for this season, which out-of-season pieces to keep in storage and which ones to give away or sell.  I still have a long way to go but I am getting there.

I am not too devoted with organizing [But it’s in the works!].  That being said, I’ve come up with a list on how I can have a tidy and easy to arrange wardrobe:

● Update wardrobe with drawers

My chest drawer’s old and broken.  Instead of getting another chest drawer, I’m thinking of investing in a new or pre-loved wardrobe that comes with drawers.   It will help me maximize the storage space in our tiny room and will help me regain control of my stuff.  Want one, too?  Check stores like Tesco to get yours.

● Install shelf dividers

Dividers will help me categorize my clothing pieces and keep items in place.

● Organize accessories

Hang those belts!

The no-brainer necklace hanger:

The earring pill organizer:

● Define my personal style

Although I’d like to think that I am into trends, I certainly am not.  My lifestyle defines me --- the on-the-go kind of gal who prefers comfort over fashion.  I like the idea of keeping everything simple.  I love classic, timeless and nicely-chosen pieces in my wardrobe thus if I really want to [and set aside laziness], organizing will come in easy for someone like me.

● Fight the urge to shop when you know you’ll never use it

… definitely is a reminder to self to avoid adding useless clothing pieces and accessories to my wardrobe.  They’ll only take up unnecessary space which from now on is a big no-no.

How about you?  How’s your wardrobe organizing skills?

Have a fantastic day everyone!

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