Monday, 1 June 2015

Simple Tips For A Germ-Free Home

It doesn’t matter how luxurious or glamorous your home is, if you ain’t cleaning, it ain’t gleaming! You may think that germs and bacteria are found most in the toilet and the bin, but these places aren't where you should be worrying about. If you think about it, these places are always those that we clean the most, anyway. In fact, transfer of germs and bacteria happen in far more places than you would like to think - here are our Top Tips for a germ-free house which will make sure those bugs don't spread.

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● Clean Door Handles
Be honest, how many times do you clean your door handles? Whoever is in your house, be they family, guests or delivery men, most of them will need to open a door at some point. Nasty germs travel through the air, but also from the pores of the skin. So every time someone grabs hold of your door handle, they could be passing you something you hadn't bargained for. A simple, regular clean with an antibacterial spray will do the trick and help your quest for a germ-free house - and don't forget to wash your hands regularly, too!

●● Dirty Dishcloths
A dishcloth or kitchen sponge is like heaven for germs and bacteria. They are moist, warm and have just been in contact with plenty of food remains - they are teaming with nasty moulds, yeasts and bacteria. A few minutes in the microwave can blast those bugs away, and always change your sponge with regularity.

●●● Maintain That Air Con
We all love using the air conditioning when the summer heat starts to roll in. But have you had yours checked recently? If not, go take a look right now. Gross, right? And it isn’t just bad to look at. All that dirt and dust is filled with little bacteria that can have an effect on little ones, senior relatives, and anybody with breathing conditions. So make sure you are getting regular air conditioning repair for your unit. It will keep the air fresh, and the nasties out.

●●●● Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush
Be careful where you keep your toothbrush. If yours is sitting on the sink next to the toilet, you may want to think about moving it. Every time you flush the loo, there is a distinct possibility that the force of the flush will fling out germs, bacteria and other nasties straight out of the bowl. Make sure your toothbrush isn't in the firing line! Even if you can't achieve a germ-free house, this is one everyone should be aware of.

●●●●● Wash Bed Sheets
Dead skin. Drool. Bodily fluids. Hair. Dirt. Sweat. It's all on your lovely new bed sheets that you have prepared for an incredible night’s sleep. Excellent thoughts, huh? No, of course not. But it is all unavoidable, unfortunately. The only way to make sure your bed sheets aren't infested with nasties is to wash them often - once a week should suffice.

●●●●●● Clean Everything - Even The Kitchen Sink!
An often neglected place where germs and bacteria thrive is the kitchen sink. You probably wash your sink out, give it a good rinse and leave it sparkling, but that doesn't mean it's clean. Use disinfectant spray on a regular basis to lose those germs - otherwise you'll end up spreading bacteria with every meal.

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