Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Why You Should Always Be Thinking About A Future House Sale

Treat your house like a show home and you will never be disappointed? Why do we say that? There are plenty of reasons you should act like you will soon be selling your home. Even if you ignore the fact that at some point most likely will sell your house! We love clean homes. We want our family to be safe. We want our neighbours to be jealous. Wondering how on earth we manage a full time job, juggle the kids and keep our home beautiful at the same time. If this is what you want from your home, you need to take this advice. What do we mean exactly?

● Safety First

We know there are some things around the home that you just live with. Is that shed falling down in the garden? Big deal, we never use it anyway. A couple of ants in the conservatory will not stop me enjoying the sun. Okay, but look your home as though you are about to buy it. An unstable shed in the garden is a safety hazard for kids. It needs to be repaired. A couple of ants do not look like much, but one more sugary spill and you will have a bad infestation. Not all the time, you need to check your house because you may be sitting on something far worse than you imagined. Asbestos is deadly and common in older houses. If you think your house has this problem, contact an Asbestos removal team immediately.

●● How Do They Do It?

Do you want your neighbours to be green with envy? Then you need to put the work in. Mow the lawn regularly as short as possible this will make it look naturally. If you have a pet, the little tikes tend to have the magic ability to kill the grass. Buy some grass grower and get rid of those patches. You may want to think about repainting that fence. Remember, you can improve the outside view from working on the inside. Put some flowers in the window and any other touches you would want potential buyers to see.

●●● Clean and Tidy

This is more for you than the neighbours. Odds are passers-by will not be invited in. But a clean house really does result in a clean mind. If you work from home then having a tidy home is crucial. Otherwise you will be distracted by all those things that need doing rather than maintaining focus. Even if you do not work from home, you still want to come back to a place that does not need tidying. You want to relax. Do you know the secret of a tidy home? You get rid of the clutter. Put the things you don’t need or use out of site in the attic. Make your home look spacious and it will always look tidy. It goes back to thinking about what a buyer would like to see.

You see what we mean? Treating your home like it is on display for sale really is the best way to live. We hope you agree.

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