Friday, 3 July 2015

8 Ways to Make Your Living Room Look More Interesting

Do you think your living room looks flat, cold, boring or all three? You need to make it look more interesting. There are some fantastic tips you can use that will add depth to your living room and make it seem more professionally put together. Nobody likes a living room with no ‘soul’. Here are 8 techniques you can use:

● Layer Different Patterns

Layering different patterns can create a really interesting look, so try it in your living room. You can do this with furniture, cushions, and even your wallpaper. There are so many ways you can get inspiration online if you’re not confident enough to make this up yourself as you go along. I love this idea when it comes to improving your living room.

● Make a Statement With Colour

Colour can make a really bold, fun statement in the living room. You could decorate a neutral space with one bold colour, or mix up the whole place with lots of different colours. It all depends on your tastes and the look you want to achieve. Neutral colours like beige can look incredible when you add a colour like bright red into the mix.

● Add a Feature Wall

You shouldn’t have a feature wall in every room, but they do help to add interest and a focal point where needed. If you’re going to create just one in the whole house, it should be in your living room. This can be as simple or as complicated as you like. I like looking at Pinterest for lots of different ideas.

● Use Lots of Texture

So many people don’t make use of texture in their living rooms, and it makes me sad. Using as many different textures as you can helps to add more depth to a room, so it’s a must if you want to avoid a boring living room. Texture makes everything better, even the outfits you wear every day! Make sure you bear this in mind when decorating! You can buy items with texture in mind, like your sofa. You can design your own with sites like You have no excuse for neglecting to texturise your living room!

Photo source: flickr

● Repurpose Unusual Accessories

Repurposing unusual accessories is a great way to add more interest and make people do a double take. Old bottles used as vases is one of my favourite ways to do it, but I’ve even seen people use a vintage suitcase as a side table!  

● Use Memories to Decorate

Take things that mean something to you and use them to decorate. Use your memories to add more interest to the living room. Antiques, heirlooms, souvenirs, and pictures should all be used.

● Display a Collection

If you collect something, make sure you display it. It might be thimbles, vases, or figurines - whatever it is, display it proudly!

● Layer Your Rugs

Layer up rugs of different styles, sizes, and patterns to create a unique look on your floor. It’s really simple to do!

Have fun using these tips - leave a comment with your thoughts!

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