Monday, 27 July 2015

Best Roofing Materials For A Hot Climate

The roof is often the most forgotten part of the home. It must be because you know it is there and it is not going anywhere so you never take any notice. But, maybe we should start taking a bit more notice. Roofs, especially in warmer climates, are an integral part of our homes. Not only do they keep the outside firmly outside, they can also keep the heat out. As summer is now here and it has been a warm one, staying cool is important. Here are the best roofing materials to keep your cool during the summer months.


You might not think that metal roofing is the best material to keep cool. Surely it conducts the heat, doesn’t it? Metal is a conductor of heat that is true. But, you can negate that by simply using shiny metal roofing. The shine from the metal will reflect the heat, so the rays are not transferred to the house of the house, leaving it far cooler. Metal roofing is also a great alternative because it is cheap and durable.

Slate Tile

Slates also have the ability to reflect heat and keep your house warm in the process because of their earth-toned colour. Slates are incredibly popular because of their style which is just another reason to install them on your roof. They give off that spectacular European feel which is synonymous with elegance and sophistication. Plus, they are also durable and will last for years once with hardly any maintenance.

Photo source: wikimedia

Terra Cotta & Clay

You will find clay roofing all over hot climates such as Central Europe and South America. If it is good enough for them with the heat they have to endure, it is good enough for everyone. You guessed it, clay doesn’t retain as many of the sun’s rays because it reflects them efficiently. But, terra cotta is effective mainly because of its shape than any other reason. The mould of most terra cotta tiles is a half barrel or ‘S’ shape. That is important because it forms interlocking arches across the roof. The space underneath the arch promotes air circulation and that prevents heat from building up. It is all incredibly scientific!

Green Roofs

The “Heat Island Effect’ is a real thing and negating it is the only way cool your home. The ‘Heat Island Effect’ is a direct consequence of a concentration of dense area that is full of harmful gases. Heat further soaks into these areas because of the dark, matte surfaces. That causes the area to heat up and obviously make it harder to keep cool. How can your roof make a difference? Well, the more roofs made of green substances, the less energy it takes to cool the area down. The amount of oxygen that the roofs release also makes the air less toxic, which can lead to overheating.  In the long term, a green roof will make your home far cooler.

If you do live in a hot climate or summer is taking its toll, these four materials are great alternatives.

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