Friday, 24 July 2015

Common Problems With Dogs And How To Deal With Them

Dogs, I love them but even I have to admit they can come with some serious problems that can be hard to deal with. You want your furry friend to be happy; that is the main thing. But you have to also realise that if your little dog is making your life difficult action must be taken. Here are some of the most common problems dogs develop and simple solutions on how to deal with them. 

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Fleas Tics And Bugs

I had to deal with a tic on my pet a few days ago. It took me a while to figure out what it was and when I did I started to panic. My friend had never had a problem like that before and it took me a while to calm down. I almost put vaseline on the little beastie, a solution I had once read about online. But, a short while later I read another article that said that would only make matters worse. In fact if you do find your dog has a tic and you believe it has been there for more than twenty-four hours, you must take them to the vet. Our vet gave me a device to pull tics out with safely and a tablet to stop it ever happening again. This treatment is affordable and will stop your dog getting those nasty bugs.


Another problem my dog had, this time a few years ago. He loved humans, could not get enough of them. But take him near another dog and he flipped out creating rather embarrassing scenes. I still have no idea why my dog was like this but he really did hate being around other dogs. Eventually I took action and contacted a dog walker that specialised in getting pets to socialise. In a few weeks of visiting this owner my dog still did not like other pups but had no problem being around them. I could finally take him out for a walk again without fear of him creating a scene. It was a load off my mind and it made me realise, like humans, dogs have their own distinct personalities.


When I got my first puppy, I remember wanting it to grow up with it’s own unique character. I made the mistake of not training him, except for potty training and sitting. My dog was free to do whatever he wanted without any commands.This was fine for a while but then he got older, more aggressive and wild. Truth be told, my happy little friend grew out of control and I knew it was my fault. I had to act quickly otherwise I would have needed to give him up. I bought a dog shock collar, and I do not regret that decision. You can read dog shock collar reviews at, but I can tell you mine worked a treat for me and my pet. He immediately started to calm down, and now he listens to my every command.

I hope you can learn from my mistakes and look after your lovable friend the way they need to be.

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