Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Here's How You Can Personalize Your Rental Property

If you are considering moving to a rental property, you might be feeling a little worried in terms of how you will make it your own. You see, many landlords are strict when it comes to decorating, with tenants often not allowed to make any decorative changes.

Just because you won’t be able to repaint the walls or swap the flooring, don’t let this put you off renting. Believe it or not, there are plenty of ways you can add style and personality to a rental property without making big decorative changes.

So whether you are looking at corporate apartment rentals or private properties, don’t let the inability to decorate, put you off. There are lots of ways you can add personality and style to your rental property, all it takes is a bit of creativity, that’s all.

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To help you put your own stamp on your rental property - if you choose to go ahead with it, we have put together a few tips and ideas:

Swap the light fixtures

Don’t leave the basic lighting fixtures that the landlord has put in, in place, swap them for something more stylish. Light fixtures are easy and affordable to change and can make a big difference to the look of a space.

Pop to your local DIY or home store and have a look at all the light fixtures on offer and get an idea of what you like. Aim to pick something that stands out will work well with the style of the room and, of course, is stylish.

Use wall art to add style

Believe it or not, adding wall art can make a huge difference to any space. Yes, you might not be able to paint or wallpaper your rental property, but what you can do is add lots of lovely wall art.

The key to adding style to a property will wall art is choosing pieces that are elegant looking, work well with each other, and the space. The more stylish your wall art is, the more stylish your new home will look.

Add rugs

Okay, so you may not be able to change the flooring in a rental property, but you can add style by investing in rugs. It’s amazing how much difference, adding a rug to a space, can make. The best thing about using rugs to add style is that they aren’t expensive, are easy to get hold of and look great with carpet or hard flooring.

As well as being able to pick up various rugs online and in DIY stores, you can also get them second-hand. Buying rugs second-hand makes them more affordable, which is ideal if money is a little tight.

The small details are crucial

Many people make the mistake of thinking that the small details aren’t important, but they really are. While, in a property you own, there are lots of ways you can add personality, in a rental one of the best ways is with the little details.

Simple things like investing in cute coasters, candles, room diffusers, stylish clocks, etc. is all it takes to add style to a rental home. When it comes to making your rental property more stylish, the small details are crucial.

It can be hard not being able to do whatever you like with your home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own. There are plenty of ways that you can add style to your rental property without making any major decorative changes.

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