Monday, 27 July 2015

How I Tackle A Deep Clean Of My Home

It’s that time of year again when I think about giving the whole house a deep clean. Rather than a gentle spruce up, I like to get into every nook and cranny to make sure the house is clean, fresh and hygienic. It does take some time to do, but it can usually be completed over a weekend. Here’s how I tackle it:

Kitchen - My oven can’t always be cleaned as I go, as it stays so hot after cooking. Occasionally, a quick inspection will miss little drips and splashes. A deep clean strips the muck and grime from every part. I prefer to use a good overnight oven cleaner. I can usually soak the removable shelves in a special formula to remove any burnt bits too. A little brush like a tooth brush around the light ensures that is immaculate as well.

Floors - Aside from the daily dust bunnies on the hardwood floors, I also vacuum the carpets. But dust, crumbs, and general dirt can get deep into the pile. Rather than tackling this myself, it is sometimes better to get the professional carpet cleaning people out to it. That way, the deepest depths of the carpet can be tackled without over-soaking. If the carpet is too wet, mould can set in, that could make us all very ill.

Walls and Ceilings - Lots of my walls are painted with a pretty hardy brand of paint. This means they can be wiped down with a light cloth and antibacterial spray. I do the same for the skirting boards too. However, the white of the woodwork can easily discolour from being exposed to sun rays or cooking steam. When I’m doing a deep clean, I sometimes touch up the decor to ensure everything is fresh.

Bathroom - When I’m ready to deep-clean the bathroom, I take everything moveable out and start again. The toilet brush is usually replaced for a fresh new one by the end of the clean up too. Steam mopping is great for cleaning during the week. But a deep clean means that I get down on my hands and knees and give everything a good scrub the old fashioned way. I also clean down the windows, shower screen and mirrors for that extra shine. Bleach usually brings the grout back up to a brilliant white, but some seals get replaced.

Bedroom - I love everything to be fresh in the bedroom. When I’m doing the deep clean, I like to take the duvets, pillows and blankets to the dry cleaner to be washed. That way I know everything is as clean as it can be. Moving the bed on my own is nearly impossible! When I’ve cornered someone to help me, I can take advantage and give the mattress a flip too.

Deep cleaning an entire house may be hard work, but it’s a job I love doing because the results are always so good. It’s also a real comfort knowing everything is so clean and hygienic! Try and make time for your deep clean this weekend.

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