Wednesday, 1 July 2015

These Accessories Can Vastly Improve Your Home

I love making changes to my home. Keeping up with the latest fashion in interior design, is something I always strive for. But that can be expensive. Buying all the new furniture. You may even hire an interior designer. The cost builds up and soon you are left with pennies in your bank account. Wondering why you can no longer afford that Hawaiian holiday? You have not yet learned the secrets of improving your home in small ways. They get a big difference. Let me show you what I mean.

● Stylish Windows
Your windows are your home's eyes. You see out of them but people also look inside your home. They will judge your home on what they can see. You can add some ornaments to your window sill. This will give your house character. Or, you can change your curtains and blinds. Buying some new curtains or blinds will add some colour to your windows. Have a look at some concepts online to see how you can improve your home's windows.  You should match the accessories you choose to the room they are in. For instance, you may want think curtains or blackout blinds for a main bedroom.

●● Garden Greatness
The other part of your home a stranger will see is your garden. But making your garden more attractive is easy. All it takes is a little creativity. You can dig a pond or add a water feature like a fountain. You can even fill it with fish. Although, we do recommend if it is shallow you have some sturdy mesh covering. Otherwise, all a bird will see is an all you can eat seafood restaurant. You may want to add some garden ornaments for a redesign that is a little less challenging. Or, simply plant some new colourful flowers with plenty of varieties.  

●●● Bedroom Beauty
Be honest, what is the most important room in the house to you. It is surely the place where you sleep and slumber. To improve your nighttime experiences, you could add a light over your bed for reading. Or what about covering your ceiling in glow in the dark stars? You can always get a new bed. There are now some great options such as a smart bed that records your patterns of slumber. Or, memory foam mattress for the ultimate comfort experience. You may want to look in on your children's room as well? Is there anything you can add to make their bedrooms a touch easier?

●●●● Bathroom Delights
 Photo source: flickr

The second most important room is the bathroom. Why? It is where we end up after we drag ourselves out of bed in the morning. It is where we find comfort after a long day in the office. How can we make it extra nice? Well, I hate coming out the shower to a wet towel. Adding a heated towel rack will soon fix this problem. Some potpourri and scented candles will certainly making bathing more relaxing. Or you could update your shower pump. Instead of a drizzle it is time to start bathing under a waterfall.

I hope you enjoyed reading about these concepts. You should definitely try one or two in your home. 

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