Thursday, 30 July 2015

Three Reasons To Build Your Own Furniture

I am going to put it out there: I have no experience when it comes to DIY. But, that never stops me from doing a bit every now and again. In fact, I love DIY and designing my very own interior design blueprints, especially the furniture. There is something about the process and the result that gets me so excited. Hopefully, you’ll be as excited about DIY with the reasons below, too!

1.    It’s Cheaper

Everyone loves a bargain, and I am no different. Wherever I can save money, I try my hardest to follow through with it because times are not easy at the minute. One of my favourite things about furniture DIY is the cost. As long as you know what you are doing, you can save yourself a ton of cash. Sofas and dinner tables don’t come cheap!

2.    There’s A Sense Of Achievement

I was going to say it was fun, but at times it is not fun. Building furniture can seem like a job from hell during, but once it is over there is no better feeling. Not because it is over, but because you have created something from scratch. And, it is something that you are going to use and put in your living room for everyone to see.

3.    You Can Pick The Style

A lot of furniture is generic and doesn’t suit my extravagant tastes! Instead of letting that get me down, though, I take it upon myself to find a solution. By doing it myself, I can pick the style that I like and that suits the tone of my home.

Hope everyone’s having a great Thursday!

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