Monday, 27 July 2015

Why I'm Not Going To Do It Myself Every Time

As much as I love undertaking my own home improvements and decorating, I know when I’m out of my depth and need to call in the professionals. For some people, though, the line is a little more blurry. Whether it’s a legal requirement, or for safety’s sake, sometimes you have to let go of the reins and your cash. Let someone in the know do it right.

Having the right tools is one thing. Having the knowledge and experience to tackle the job is another. I’m pretty keen to live a green as I can. I want my place to be environmentally friendly, so every season I do some simple checks. I make sure the roof is still waterproof and that the taps don’t drip. I check the windows are still sealing shut, and that the heating is turned down low.

If I find problems, I’ll find out all I can about them online. Some jobs like changing your decor are easier to tackle yourself. But a dripping pipe that is wasting gallons of water in a year is serious. I’m obviously going to call out someone from a company like Plumber4u to get it fixed permanently and fast. The last thing I need is to make a mistake that cracks the pipe.

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Some home improvements definitely call for a whole team of professionals. Kitchen or bathroom remodeling is not something you can tackle on your own. You need qualified plumbers and electricians to install and safety check everything. You might be able to attach the odd cupboard door. But the wiring and drainage are definitely for the qualified individual only. In most places, it is a legal requirement that you are fully qualified and compliant before tackling that kind of job.

I love updating my decor and rearranging my living areas with the season. I like to have the sofa facing the window when the view is good, and the TV out of the sunlight. I’m lucky enough to have extra electric points on each wall, so I don't need to run cables around the room. For some people, there aren’t enough. It is safer with pets and kids around to ask an electrician to install what you need.

I have recently been looking at new light fittings, and I’ve noticed that they vary a lot in length and attachment. It’s not just my height that puts me off installing something different in the ceiling. I want it done right, so it not only looks good but is safe every time I turn on the switch. I would love my bathroom vanity sink to be in a different place. But I’m not shifting it without a plumber to make sure the extra piping is installed correctly.

A lot of jobs are about common sense, but some are quite tempting to tackle on your own. If you’re in doubt, leave it out and ask the professionals for advice. Don’t try to do something on your own because you think it’s the cheaper option. If something goes wrong, it will cost you a lot more, in the long run, to get it fixed. Be safe.

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