Monday, 17 August 2015

3 Keys To Decorating Your Bedroom

If you’re looking at decorating your bedroom, here are my three key things to consider:


The focal point of the bedroom is, of course, the bed. It goes without saying, you will need a bed for your bedroom. You can get away with sleeping on the sofa for a quick nap during the day, but you need a bed at night. The key to finding a good bed is to decide on what type you want. Do you need a double bed, single bed, kingsize bed? Have a look at the options available to you and come to a conclusion. Once you’ve decided on the basic type, you’ll need to consider the style and mattress type. The style of your bed is key to the style of your room. Are you going to go for a simple wood bed frame? Or something louder and more sleek, like metal?

You also have to consider how you’re going to get the bed in your room. Most beds require you to assemble them yourself or get someone in to do it. You have to make sure you have all the right materials/equipment if you’re assembling your own bed. Look at getting some henkel adhesives so you can stick parts of the bed together with ease. A good looking bed means a good looking bedroom!


In my opinion, the lighting in the bedroom is more important than in any other room in the house. You’ll spend lots of time in your bedroom, and you go through lots of emotions while you’re there. When you study late at night, you’re in your bedroom. So, you need bright lighting to help you stay alert and awake. When you’re upset, you go to your room. So, you want more dim lighting to reflect your mood. Basically, you want to have lighting that reflects your mood and needs. The best way to do this is to get a dimmer switch installed. This means you can control the brightness of the light and set the mood.


Alternatively, you could consider buying things to create mood lighting. Buying candles and lighting them when you’re in the dark is a great way to set the mood. You can also get fairy lights that create a peaceful atmosphere. There're lots of ways you can create mood lighting in your bedroom if you think about it.


My third key thing to consider are the walls. If you want to make your room stand out, then you have to pay close attention to how you decorate the walls. Choose a wallpaper that suits you and reflects your personality. That’s the important thing for me here. Bedrooms are different from other rooms in that they’re personal. This is your room, it belongs to you, decorate it as such. Have wallpaper that you like and that is personal to you.

Another thing you can do is add posters or photos to the walls. This really marks the room as yours if you have things you love plastered around it. But, don’t go overboard because it could end up looking a complete mess!

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