Wednesday, 19 August 2015

5 Disastrous Things That Can Hit Your Home & How to Cope with Them

Our homes are precious to us, and that’s understandable. It’s where we live and bring up our families. Read on to find out more about the 5 common problems your home might face and how you can cope with them and prevent them.

1. Drainage Issues

For anyone living at the foot of a hill or even just a gentle slope, drainage problems are a big concern. Water flows downhill, so if your property is at the foot of that hill, heavy rain can cause damage to your garden. The lawn will become bogged down, and eventually grass will simply stop growing. You can install a new drainages system to deal with rainwater. But water coming from a neighbor's gutters is a problem too. You should work with them to make sure that any drainage water is directed to a safe place away from people’s property.

2. Fallen Trees

In stormy weather, trees inevitably get uprooted and blown over. This is very dangerous, and if those trees hit someone, they can even cause deaths. Damage to property is much more common though. Of course, this is the better of the two options! But it’s still not much fun to deal with when it happens to you. A tree falling on your home can cause serious structural damage. If your property is surrounded by trees, it’s a good idea to have a tree expert examine them and chop down any that are at risk of being uprooted.
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3. Tornadoes

When a tornado hits your area, your main objective should be to keep yourself and your family safe. Depending on the strength and size of the tornado, this might mean leaving your home until it passes. But you ride out most tornadoes by staying safe in the home and boarding up the doors and windows to make sure flying debris doesn’t penetrate the structure of the home.

4. Damaged Power Lines

Living without power is never much fun. You don’t realise how reliant we are on technology and electricity until we’re forced into living without it. But it’s now possible to use other kinds of technologies to make dealing with damaged power lines much simpler. If the lines are damaged badly, it can often be days before you’re hooked up again, so having a backup generator is something to consider. If you use a Patriot Power Generator, the energy will be generated sustainably too.

5. Fires

Fires in the home can devastate everything inside them. And the vast majority of fires in the home are started because of silly accidents like people dropping a cigarette or leaving the gas on. You need to be aware of the everyday risks that can lead to fires and how to avoid them. Making sure that you have multiple smoke alarms in the home to detect fires as soon as they start is important too. Once they’re in place, test them regularly and replace the batteries swiftly when necessary.

These 5 common disasters might never affect you, but it’s best to be prepared for them in case they do.

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