Thursday, 27 August 2015

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Spare Bedroom

When it comes to the spare room, it can often be wasted. Lots of clutter can block the space. Old home exercise equipment or packaging boxes can render the room unusable. If you want to claim the space back, now is the perfect time to do so. Find space in the loft, basement or garage for junk, and let’s start again.

This room may need a bit of freshening before you start adding furniture to the room. The primary purpose of any spare bedroom is to be a bedroom. That means that guest should be able to sleep comfortably in here. OK, so it might become a multipurpose space. It could be one of those rooms that provides a variety of functions. But it needs to aid restful sleep too.

Pick colours that aren’t too vivid or bold. Some contrast on each wall is good. Either have a focus wall or choose some wall art. If you are looking to use this room as a games room or music room too, then you might want some seating here. Why not choose a double futon to make the most of the space? It provides comfortable seating and then folds back to provide a double bed for overnight guests.

Storage space is also important if this room is to be used for several purposes. Cupboards, shelves and drawers are all handy for organising your things and keeping them out of the way. Bookcases can create a cute library effect for a reading room. Dividers can be placed within drawers to create little homes for all your favourite possessions.

If you’re using this room as a mini gym, then try to stick to equipment that can be folded away to make space for the next activity. Treadmills often fold up into a standing position. You could use a wall bracket to hang a TV to watch while you exercise too. These can often be pulled out and angled for different viewing positions.

Most bedrooms work well with carpets. They provide a soft, warm surface for bare feet. But they can be a nightmare to keep clean in a craft room. If you are looking to catch up on your arts, then go for an easy wipe flooring surface. Tiles, hardwood or even a vinyl covering might be best in those circumstances. You might want to install some work benches around the edge of the room. Use overhead cupboards to maximise the small space.

If you are using your spare bedroom as a music practice room, then why not try out some electronic instruments? They often have headphone sockets so you can play almost silently. Alternatively, check out some wall tiles that will cut down the noise infiltrating the rest of the house. Carpets, rugs, and even special sound proof flooring can help with upstairs rooms.

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Spare bedrooms often get used for many different things by the family. If yours is just accumulating junk, then now may be the time to clear it out. What will your spare room become today?

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