Tuesday, 4 August 2015

How To Limit Your Impact On The Environment In Rented Accommodation

There are often restrictions on what you can do to rented accommodation. In most instances, the landlords will allow you to make changes if they improve the apartment. However, it’s still wise to give them a call and let them know about your plans. You should do that before you undertake any work. So long as you gain their approval, you can get started on making your home environmentally-friendly. The concepts and ideas below will help to inspire you. Even so, it is sensible to perform some more research. We won’t have enough time to list everything in this post. There are plenty of other ways to save the planet.


Grow food in window boxes

Presuming you apartment is in a large complex, you might not have any garden space. That is not an issue. You can still grow food and limit your reliance on supermarkets. The advantages of doing that should be obvious. You won’t have to worry about any pesticides or dangerous chemicals making their way into your meals. On top of that, there will be no packaging. With a bit of luck, people who grow their food could help to save lots of trees. They would have been cut down to provide packaging materials otherwise.  

Recycle everything!

There aren’t many items you can’t recycle these days. Just do some research into the best solutions in your area. Corporate apartment rentals often come with an advice pack on the most appropriate ways of dealing with your waste. You shouldn’t send any paper, card, glass, or metal to landfill. There will be specialist bins in which you can deposit your recyclable rubbish close to your home. Find out where they are, and use them!

Fit smart meters

Smart meters allow you to keep a close eye on how much energy your home consumes. In most instances, they will give you a full rundown of each plug socket. That means you can work out why your bills are so high. You can also make effective changes that will help to limit the amount of electricity used in your rental property. As those devices have to be hooked up to the mains, you will need to consult your landlord. In most instances, they will be more than happy to allow you to make the change. Just bear in mind that you probably can’t take the product with you when you leave.

Hang thick curtains

Knowing how much energy you use is a big advantage. However, you will need to look at ways of cutting back. One of the best ideas is to hang some thick curtains. They will help to retain more heat in your home. So, you shouldn’t have to use the boiler quite as often. You can even make the curtains yourself if you want to go one step further.

As you can see, rented accommodation should not stifle your ability to go green. It is critical that we all do our bit to help the planet. That is the case, regardless of our living situations. However you decide to progress, we hope you make some positive changes soon! Even the smallest of alterations could make a huge difference if everyone gets on board.

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