Monday, 3 August 2015

I Want To Build My Next House. Am I Making A Big Mistake?

We all have things that we would like to change in our lives, and in mine one of them is where I live. The area itself is nice enough; the schools are good, and there are plenty of amenities. But, the house that I live in just feels like one big compromise!

Sure, I could go ahead and move to a different house in my neighborhood. But, I just haven't found a place that I think "Oh my God, I LOVE this house"! And I don't think I ever will. I know that it sounds like I'm quite fussy about where I want to live.

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The thing is; I believe that I can only have the perfect dream house if I build it myself! OK, not in a literal sense, of course. I mean having my dream home designed and built to my specifications. I've now decided that is what I am going to do for my next house. Am I making a big mistake? I don't think so. And here's why:

It will be brand new

Yes, there are "new build" properties that I could select from if I wanted to move to a brand new house. The issue I have with them is they seem small. Or, at least, smaller than my current home. And even if I found the perfect house that someone already built, it won't be brand new!

When you move into a new house, you don't have to worry about stuff like mold problems and leaking roofs. Nor do you need to concern yourself with issues like poor insulation or old wiring.

You can choose the style of house you have built

It's no secret that there are scores of different styles to select when building a house. You only have to look at sites like to see what I mean!

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The good news with a self-build property is you can decide on your new home's style. If you've got neighbors nearby, it's worth being sympathetic to their home styles. So, living in a dome-shaped house might be a bad idea if everyone else has gone for more traditional looks!

You can ensure only the best materials get used

Building companies often use cheap materials to make the most profit when selling a new house. But, as you are managing your house build, you can demand only the best gets used in your home.

For instance, you might wish to use a particular type or style of brick. The carpets you have fitted can be of a certain weave. Even the light switches on the wall can get specified by you. That's the kind of freedom you get when you go for the self-build approach.

You can have all kinds of technology installed

When you buy an existing house, you've got to work with what you've got. But, when you build a new home, one of the benefits you can enjoy is deciding on the technology that gets used!

You could have anything from electric gates outside to elevators inside your property!

So, now you can see why it makes sense to design and build a new house. And that's why I don't think I'm making a big mistake!

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