Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Ideal Gifts For Friends With Newborns

There’s a period in everybody’s life that all of their friends start having kids. And, when they do, it’s nice to welcome their new life with a gift. But what do you get them? As we all know, buying gifts for anyone can be tricky, let alone for a newborn and tired parents. Well, before I answer that, there are a few no-go areas.

Cuddly toys are pointless because there is every chance they already have thousands. Anything that sings a cute song will quickly become a nightmare for new parents. And, don’t forget that if you buy them clothes, you have to preempt the season they will be wearing it in. Babies are tiny but grow quickly, and no matter how beautiful a summer dress is, it’s going to be inappropriate if it only fits them during winter.

So that’s the no-gos out of the way. Now we can take a look at what you can buy. Hopefully, this should give you enough ideas to share around all of your friends when the time comes!


Now, this might not sound like a great present, but believe me - it’s one of the best. Nappies add around $20 to a weekly shop, and they are used up quickly. A brand new parent might not thank you right away, but by week two they will be ringing you up and offering you a position of godparent.

Silicone mould

Again, not an attractive idea at first glance. But an excellent silicone mould kit is the perfect thing for capturing the sheer tininess of a newborn child. Parents can use them to create little impressions of their feet and hands, and will compare them for many years. Probably until well beyond the baby becomes a teenager.

Wine. Bottles and bottles of wine.

I think this speaks for itself.

Wooden toys

Although soft toys are a no-go area, wooden toys are different. They last a long time and can withstand biting and chewing. They don’t break and are easy to clear away. As the child grows older, their wooden blocks will help them develop hand-eye coordination. And, in short, they are far more classy than the many plastic monstrosities that you find in many toy shops.


Books are always a welcome addition to any home with a newborn. Look at bestsellers and classics - but always have a quick read before you choose one for a gift. To put it into context, every single book you buy a child will be read at least one thousand times - by each parent. The more you buy, the less bored they will be.


Finally, one of the nicest things you can offer is your help. Although many new parents struggle to cope, not many will ask for assistance of any kind. There’s a lot of pride involved here, and some people think they will be a bad parent if they can't cope. This is nonsense, of course. Give them a voucher with an offer of help once a week for a few months. Whether it’s to cook them a meal, or tidy their home, or even just take the baby for a walk in the park. Do what you can and the parents will be incredibly grateful for what you have done for them.

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