Monday, 17 August 2015

Sometimes, Low Tech Heating Tips Are The Best!

Over the years, I have learned that when it comes to redesigning the house, you have to take it one step at a time. If you know me, you know that is not an easy thing for me to deal with. In fact, it hurts a little! But, it is better than every job possible piling up and suffocating me because I bit off more than I can chew.

So, I have decided that my next job is to go ‘green’. That’s right; I am turning into an eco-warrior because we should help save the planet. I want to leave the world in a state that is fit for others to live in the future. After some rather strenuous reading – going ‘green’ isn’t as simple as you would think – I worked out that saving the planet starts at home. After all, it is one job at a time!

Still, choosing which ‘green’ project in the home to try wasn’t easy because there are plenty of them, too. But, after more research, I thought that saving energy through heating would be best for the planet and the house. Better yet, I found out that low tech heating tips are the bomb! Here are a few of them that I thought were the simplest and the most effective.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are not cheap, usually. At the minute, there is a drive to get as many solar power systems for homes installed as possible. Countries across the world are trying to lower their carbon footprint, and they have decided the best way to do it is to have diverse, renewable energy systems. Solar power, in particularly, is the favourite and at the minute it is the cheapest [well, that’s depending on where you live]. Many governments are even providing subsidies and grants to make the prospect more appealing to homeowners. Although solar power isn’t a realistic energy source for large amounts of power, for the house it is incredibly effective.

Thick Curtains

The sun’s rays are the most powerful forms of heat we know. So, it only makes sense that we try and recycle them to keep warm. Although that is common sense, the amount of people who do it is minimal. Because we have alternative energy sources, like gas heating, it is just as easy to flick a switch and heat the house. In fact, it is easier. But, it is not good for the environment, which is why thick curtains are an effective and organic alternative. Thick curtains prevent UV rays from leaving your house once they have entered, and that increases the temperature. For even better results, buy curtains with a thermal lining.

Double Glazing

Windows are essential in any home. I love windows because I am a lover of natural light. Synthetic light is nice, and it does the job, but natural light is irreplaceable. However, it comes at a price as windows are also where most of the heat escapes from homes. I know; you just cannot win! Good thing is one can just tighten up the windows and cover any drafts. That means installing glass that is double glazed. Double glazed glass has two sheets of glass and a vacuum in the middle, so there is nowhere for the heat escape.

Use The Radiators Sparingly

Of course, you cannot cover every draft in the property. God knows I have tried! Plus, it is not a bad thing to use the radiators every now and again. But, the more you use them, the more energy you will burn. Apart from the effect on the Earth, it will cost you a fortune in bills. Whatever you do, don’t put the radiators on when you don’t need them. When you are out, when it is hot already; radiators are arbitrary.

Fix The Chimney

Just like your head, you lose a lot of heat through the chimney. Heat rises, so you need to insulate the highest areas in your house. Otherwise, your house will haemorrhage heat and energy. Many don’t realise it, but they might have a chimney! I know that sounds ditsy, mainly because it is, but many don’t use the fire, tending to take the chimney for granted. That got me thinking: how many other houses have chimneys that are not used? It must be a lot, and that means a lot are fighting a losing battle without even realising. After a quick Google search, I even found out that you can block your chimney by yourself.

Use The Fire

The chimney also got me thinking about the fire, again, mainly why don’t we use it? Once the chimney is fixed, there is no reason we cannot start putting logs on the fire and heating the house that way. Like I have already mentioned, heat rises, so the heat from the fire should heat the entire house eventually. Plus, wood is incredibly cheap and almost any wood will burn once you get that puppy firing!

Shut Up Unused Rooms

Once the hot air is in, you don’t want any cold air circulating and causing convection current. If you are not using conventional methods of heating, like central heating, some areas of the house might be warmer than others. That is a problem because when the cold and the hot air mix, it will reduce the temperature. Don’t worry though because there is a simple solution: close the doors. The doors will keep the cold air in one room while the hot air keeps you toasty and warm.

What used to be a massive problem doesn’t seem too much of an issue now, right? Going ‘green’ or becoming an ‘eco-warrior’ has a negative stigma. But, believe me, it isn’t that hard.

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